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"Idaho1" is a nickname of our former client who met his wife in the Mordinson agency. He has posted his trip report at the forum

March 3rd, 2010
Ok here it goes, I'm at the motel at Boise waiting to catch the flight. For those of you that wanted info on the Mordinson agency. So far everything has been very professional. All calls have been responded to promptly. All letters have been translated as promised. I will give you all a play by play on the trip as it happens. Wish me luck!! Special thanks to a new friend Kirk.

March 9th, 2010.
Update from Idaho1. Everything is going well. The mordinson agency is doing everything it promised and seems to be a very decent person. The apt. is very nice . The ladies I have met all seem to be on the up and up. They are on the most part better looking in person. I have narrowed down to 2 ladies , but time will tell. The food and restaurants are very good and they present the dishes very nicely No plastic sporks or paper plates. It is very reasonable in cost.I'm sure I am going to a nicer type cafe.If you want you can find the plastic stuff too.The cafes have been my choice. Nothing has been pushed on me.None of the women have asked for money .In fact I ran low 1 night and a woman loaned me 450 Grevna..about 55.00 dollars. A lot for here. Now for my observations. The taxi drivers are priced right. about 7.00 gets you any place. Watch your step on the streets.Traffic will not stop. The traffic is worse in Vegas then here and it is probably more dangerous. Oh here is a good one.Do not where sunglasses. I wear mine all the time. After about 2 days Mr Mordinson smiled and said "you really stick out man". Then I looked and realized nobody wears them except foreigners.I saw one pair in all of the The people have all been decent . no pushing or rudeness. Everything you need is readily available. Don't forget to buy adapters for your electric items. You can get them here for about 2 bucks. Bring some dvds to watch on your down time.TV is in russian. Bring your camera and take a walk in the park. Very interesting. Make sure the money you plan to exchange is in good crisp shape. they will not take it otherwise or you pay a penalty. Oh here is a biggy. TAKE OFF YOUR SHOES WHEN YOU ENTER A HOME. Big sin!!! Thats all for now.take care

March 11, 2010
just a quick update, Things are going well.The agency still performing their duties. Mr. Mordinson called and told me he would take me on a tour before my date. Those are the kind of things that make one agency better then the others. He has my money. He doesn't have to do extras now. But he did. He also accompanies me to buy groceries or any other task I need to do. And when he goes along on the dates ( to translate) you have to force him to order something to eat. As far as the women and their photos go. I have noticed that some people photograph better then others. So it has been my experience that you will get a mixture. I have met 5 women: 2 look better in person, 2 look the same and 1 worse. And because of the ladies work schedule. I still think you should bring some DVD's or something to occupy your down time. I know some of you guys are dating machines and will not need such things. And learn how to bowl. It is big over here and it makes for a good date. I have not been out of the country before but I am very experience in travel in the USA.So I packed pretty well.The only thing I forgot was fingernail clippers. bye for now

March 12, 2010
Hello all ,.and especially you poacher. I think I have walked 30 miles since I have been here. Now I know how the women keep so fit. I went on the subway for the first time in my life. Also went to a Dolphin show for the first time. Very cool. I know I am a bumpkin. You can say it. And yes I have gotten close to 1 women and maybe another but I'll just have to wait and see. The city is very interesting and I am learning my way around. I have learned something very interesting. If you buy flowers .you should hold them down.This means you are waiting to give them to someone.If you hold them up.This means you have been given them by someone else. (maybe not so good) I was wondering why all those guys were looking at me funny ;-)) The weather has been sunny but cool. And yes it freezes at night. Just ask my sore azz. As far as boredom. You can be as bored as you want. Most of my dates do not start until late,Because of women working. I am fine and always find something to do. I have watched RAMBO 3 times Hey it's a classic. take care all

March 15,2010
Hello all, sorry for the delay i have been a little busy I have a couple more tips and an update on my trip. First ...have plenty of small bills when you take a taxi. They do not always have change. and the dolphin show is a must see. And the girls love it. Also if you are coming over here for the first time and plan on meeting several women. 2 weeks will not be enough. I met five in 2 days. Culled 2 right away. took 3 days to have 1 more date with them culled another one and that left me with 8 or 9 days too get to know the final 2 and when they work that makes it tough. Any way all the women have been very nice.Not a gold digger in the bunch. As a matter of fact one of them is fasting and it costs very little to take her out. She can only eat fruit and veggies. By the way aside from the first meetings where Mr Mordinson picked the café, the girls have insisted that we go where ever I wanted to because I was a guest here. And when we went they ordered moderately price food. The Mordinson agency has been available at all turns for anything I needed. If you are planning a trip I suggest you think about them.The only problem I can come up with is that they have a smaller selection of the older women I was looking for. I'm 49.Doesn't matter anyway.The ones I settled on were a little on the young side.30 and 32. Yea I know and I don't care. OH .... yes it was rambo first blood.

March 25, 2010
Hello All, I am back in the states now. I think things went well.I was able to decide on one woman and we had a good time the last week I was there. I wish that I would have set aside more time .But live and learn. I am continuing my communications with this lady and we are planning my return in June . ( the agency is not involved with my return) We are going to take a 9 day bus tour to France and other places. I'm sure this will " tell the tale " I'm also setting aside another 2 weeks after the tour. I lived and learned The agency has continued to be helpful. I have no complaints about their service. It was a great experience and I only wish I was still there. Thanks to you all for your help.If you have any other advice I welcome it.

March 25, 2010
I almost forgot to tell you. Do not play cards with Ukrainians at the airport. Lucky for me that I play professional poker and was raised on skid row. I also have owned 2 pool halls . So I have seen almost everything. They tried to run 2 men and a stranger on me. I wonder what they thought when I folded the best hand face up. It was very interesting.

A little over a year a year later Idaho1 posted again:
April 08, 2011
Hello again everyone. Its been a while since my last post.I have been very busy.My trips to Ukraine have paid off BIG TIME !! I'm now married to a very pretty and sometimes nice Ukrainian lady. I used the Mordinson Agency located in Kharkov. Soooo if anyone has questions or in need of advice I will try and help.If I don't know the answer I'm sure I can find it out for you. I'm in the middle of filing for AOS and I'm experiencing everyday life with a Ukrainian woman . Ask away !!!

PS. to Jean Claude...It worked out good. THX !

April 09, 2011
okay guys sorry for the confusion. I should have put a smiley face by my comment.I was making a joke.In fact she was standing next to me when I wrote the " sometimes nice " comment. She says she is always nice.I must agree

The Mordinson Agency has been very honest and helpful. They cost a little more but I found that it was worth it. I await all questions and look forward to helping.



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