Erfolgsgeschichten der Mordinson Partnervermittlung

Thank you very much for the beautiful pictures and warm words. We would like to wish you all the happiness, joy and prosperity.

Karyna and Gavin (New Zealand) GOT MARRIED! 28th March 2016
Marina and Steven (Canada). 22nd March 2016
review by Shiv (the UK). 11th March 2016
Irina and Davis (Hong Kong). 6th March 2016
An interview with a former client. 7th February 2016
Testimonial from a former client. 12th December 2015
a letter from Natalie (former client) 26th November 2015
Ross reports about his stay in Kharkov. 22nd November 2015
Anna and Brandon (Canada) GOT MARRIED! 2nd October 2015
Marina and Chad (the USA) GOT ENGAGED! 11th September 2015
Ekaterina and Graham (United Kingdom) GOT MARRIED! 12th August 2015
Margarita and Stephane (Canada) GOT MARRIED! 24th July 2015
Viktoria and Dave (USA) GOT MARRIED! 14th July 2015
Ultimate Man Magazine interviews our former client! 26th July 2015
Graham's interview (UK)! 22nd June 2015
Natalie & Lloyd (UK) GOT MARRIED! 23rd June 2015
Tatiana & John (Sydney, Australia) 18th January 2015
Review by Jeff (Houston, USA) 19th December 2014
Valery and Andy got Married (the USA) 14th November 2014
Mordinson review by a client (the USA) 19th October 2014
Oksana & Christopher (the USA) 12th October 2014
Alina & Thomas (the USA) 10th September 2014
Viktoria & Howard (the USA) together since 2002
Summer report from Kharkov
review by Steve (USA)
Irina & Stefan (Germany)
report from Kharkov
Anna & Brandon (Canada)
Natalie & Lloyd (the UK)
Natali & Hans (Germany)
Olga & Marc (the USA)
Yana & Eric (the USA)
Client from New Zealand
Sofia and Randy got Married, USA
Inna & Matt, USA
Randy & Sofia got engaged, the USA
Interview with a Mordinson client
Randy & Sofia, the USA
HK and Oksana got married! Canada
Bill & Julia, the USA
Keith & Ludmila, the USA
Bob, Texas USA
HK & Oksana, Canada
William & Olga , the USA
Dutch client
Andy & Valery, the USA
Ukrainian dating interview with Keith
Byron, Florida USA
Audio Testimonial
Patrick & Tatyana
A "Thank you" postcard from Mordinson client
Trip report at
Nick & Genia, Australia
Tim & Iana, USA
Bret & Elena, USA
Jim, USA
Tim & Iana, USA
Julius, Germany
Steve & Valentina, USA
Wade & Marina, Texas, USA
Kevin, USA
Timothy & Larisa, USA
Keith & Viktoria, USA
Dirk & Marina, Germany
Stuart, Scotland
Raul & Julia, USA
John & Antonina, USA
Tom & Viktoria, USA
Toru & Lilia, Japan
PC & Viktoria, the USA
Roger & Julia, Belgium
Daniel & Violetta, the USA
Nick & Valeria, the USA
Robert & Natalia, the UK

Some of the Couples who met in the Mordinson marriage agency

Karyna and Gavin (New Zealand) GOT MARRIED!!! 28th March 2016

Hi guys, my name is Gavin and I just wanted to say a few words about the experience I had with Mordinson's. In 2014 I made a decision that would change my life, even now it's hard to believe that two years ago I decided to contact Michael and become one of his clients. After corresponding with a few wonderful women I realized that I had to make a physical effort and impression that I was serious about starting a long distance relationship. Karyna and I were both excited and nervous, not really knowing what to expect. She was not actually expecting me to come all the way to Ukraine! Anyway, I booked tickets and arranged for the apartment through the agency, and before I knew it I was in Ukraine meeting the woman of my dreams. She left me breathless when I met her. We only had about six days together but both of us had a desire to see each other and begin dating from opposite ends of the earth! (not an easy feat!)

At this stage I left the agency and thanked Michael for all the help he provided when meeting Karyna, as well as the excellent service he provided while I was in Ukraine. Karyna and I continued our correspondence and began planning for holidays together. We holidayed a further three times, one of which was to New Zealand (my home country) and during that time I proposed to her. She said yes! From there the challenge of visa's began, but we were both very determined to be together. Eventually she arrived in NZ mid August 2015 and we had our wedding the following January. It was the best day of our lives, all the hard work we put into being with each other finally became a reality. My wife has been in NZ for about 7 months now, she has a part-time job near where I work and we often meet during our lunch break for coffee. It has been a huge change for her life and there're days of homesickness. But a really big help is Skype, and we're in contact with her family almost daily.

Karyna and I made a decision to be together, to begin new lives, I can't ask more of a woman, she's the most wonderful and special person I've ever met and I know my life is better for it. We love being with each and can't wait for what the future has in store for us. Thank you Michael for helping us find each other!

ukrainian brides

Marina and Steven (Canada), 22nd March 2016

My name is Steven, and I live in Canada near Toronto. I travelled with a friend to the Ukraine to hopefully meet someone special. I like the Mordinson agency because it is a small family business, and I am dealing with the family directly. I like that they stand behind their family name. Michael Mordinson cannot make personal guarantees, but I think he is honest, works hard, and is a gentleman!

My apartment in Kharkov was large, clean and very quiet. Michael was always just a phone call away for anything I wanted or needed ... he even helped me get a taxi during a January storm! I always felt very safe and secure, no matter where I went.

The women in the Ukraine are of course very beautiful, but I was looking for someone who is Christian, traditional, family-oriented, honest and not materialistic ... try finding that combination in Canada! I visited Kharkov in January 2016, and in April 2016 my girlfriend Marina will come to visit me in Canada for 4 weeks and will have the chance to meet my family and my children, and to see how we live. At that time we will get to know and understand one another better in person ... and then ... we will fall madly in love and live happily ever after! I just hope my children don't scare her away! :o)

It's difficult to give advice to other men ... listen to that little voice in your head ... always be somebody that she can count on ... and think long term! Good luck!

Sincerely, Steven

ukrainian brides

Review by Shiv (the UK), 11th March 2016

Hi All!

My name is Shiv I am a 31 year old man from London, UK. I run my own businesses in London and life is great! Apart from finding love which has been a struggle in a society which is economically thriving but is romantically sterile!

I have always been attracted to Slavic women- more and more are now in London- however most of them have partners or are not looking for a serious relationship. I thus decided that I would try and find my partner in Ukraine after considering both Belarus and Russia- both these countries require Visas and Ukraine does not - which is great!

Now there were many agencies and it was a minefield. I heard bad stories about people getting conned in Odessa and somewhat less in Kiev. I then stumbled upon Kharkiv - a city I knew very little about. After further research I found Mordinson Agency. It had great reviews, testimonials, Michael Mordinson talking himself, and video introductions from the girls. It was exactly what I was looking for.

Michael was very quick to respond and made it clear which girls were interested and which were not. This is exactly what I wanted to know - because there is no point in pursuing a woman who is not interested. I am a businessman and I value my time.

CLICK HERE to continue reading Shiv's REVIEW

ukrainian brides

Irina and Davis (Hong Kong), 6th March 2016

By chance, I came across an interview on youtube talking about marriage agency in Ukraine in January 2016. I was impressed by the honesty of the guest host - Michael Mordinson.

Few days later, I decided to browse his website and found a girl that I was particularly interested in. I decided to give it a try by joining the agency.

As an inexperienced member, I asked Michael a lot of questions. And Michael answered all my inquiries in full details. Let me tell you, guys: Michael carries out his agency work without fear or favor. He exactly delivers his service as described. I appreciate honest and sincere people all my life. If you are with me, I can tell that Michael is a great sincere agency you can count on. And he always think in the best interest of his clients.

I was attracted to one particular beautiful lady. After letter correspondences between us for about 2 weeks. We decided to have our first Skype talk and we found a strong chemistry between us. On the second video talk, I decided to tell my lady by surprise that I was going to Kharkov to meet her in person. Just after about one month since our first correspondence, I took my flight to Kharkov. Michael was already right at the airport on time. Everything was well arranged as planned and agreed. My first impression of Kharkov was quiet and safe. Although I met the only lady I was interested in, if my experience is anything to count on, I am sure all ladies on his website are genuine just like my lady and no gold diggers. This is an honest agency. They never risk their reputation for money. The apartment was modern, clean and well equipped. The Security in the compound was round the clock. I never worried about my personal safety during my stay. Also, Michael's sister-in-all Alla was a great interpreter. She did a great job. Especially at the my first meeting with my lady's parents. She even accompanied me to flower shops, picking roses for my lady on Valentine's day. She is also my lady's good English teacher. Now they become good friends too. All in all, my visit was a great success.

Fellows, if you are looking for a genuine marriage agency for a real and genuine relationship. I can rest assured to tell you: you are now in the right place.

Michael and Alla, thank you for your service and hospitality. I wish you all the best with your business. Please keep on your great work.

ukrainian brides

An interview with former client (South Africa), 7th February 2016

Can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Heinrich, I am in my early forties, from South Africa, and work for a large Technology Company.

Why did you decide to search for a woman abroad?

I was married previously and after a terrible divorce I decided to better understand issues of Life, Love and Happiness and so I embarked on a journey of self-discovery. I read as many articles as possible, watched countless hours of informative videos and also befriended some incredible people along the way that have all gone down the same journey as I have. I was very fortunate to meet a fantastic relationship councillor who lives in the US. He has the most amazing videos and blog about relationships, marriage and the differences between Western and Slavic cultures. That is when the penny dropped for me and I immediately understood that what I was looking for in a future partner was probably not easily available in my country.

And why particularly a woman from Ukraine?

I knew that I could not go through life alone and wanted a partner to share activities with and build beautiful memories. This time around I had a lot more life experience and I knew exactly what I wanted in a partner and what I did not want. I saw it as a fantastic opportunity to find that special someone that had a very particular outlook on life and family. What became very clear to me was that to find the right woman I had to look in non-Western countries. What I was looking for was someone that came from a Christian background with strong traditional family values. Someone who was not scared to show love, had a nurturing character towards her partner and for whom the man (himself) was more important than what the man could do for her. Western women tend to be very focused on what kind of wealth the man has or to what status level in society the man can elevate her instead of who he is in his heart and what his soul is like. I am not saying that all western women are like that, but it seems that most are like this and so to find a single western lady that is not so inclined would take many years of dating.

I did not want to go through the ordeal of dating a 100 different western women to look for that one elusive unicorn. What I discovered through talking so several men that are married to Slavic women is that Ukraine was probably the best place to start looking. Ukrainian culture and society has moulded women into being extremely family oriented and loving and caring towards their men. Slavic women also acknowledge that there are very clear differences between the roles that men and women should play in a relationship and in marriage. Women are seen as the care givers and nurturers of the family environment and men are seen as the providers of safety and the protectors of the family (the castle wall to protect the family). Slavic women are very soft hearted and nurturing toward their men and they see their man as the rock star in their lives. They will literally follow him to the end of the earth, through good and bad times. This does not mean that Slavic women want dominating partners, no they want kind and loving partners who will respect them and appreciate their beautiful femininity.

CLICK HERE to continue reading Heinrich's INTERVIEW

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Testimonial from a former client (the USA), 12th December 2015

Please let this serve as a testimonial and endorsement of the Mordinson Introduction Agency's services. I am an early forties gentleman who moved to the United States at a young age from Eastern Europe. For a few years now I had been planning to use Michael's services to find a lifelong partner but had been waiting until it was the right time in my life to do so.

This past October 2015 I finally took the much anticipated plunge and embarked on the trip to Kharkov. Michael and his family introduced me to numerous ladies that I had briefly corresponded with beforehand. I can say that literally all of them seemed genuine and sincere. There was one lady in particular that I felt the strongest connection with and we continue to further our relationship to this day.

In an industry full of scams and scammers, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Mordinson Agency for anyone that's sincere in wanting to meet a genuine lady for a serious relationship. You will find professionalism, attentiveness, attention to detail, and a commitment to maintaining the integrity of the Mordinson family name. Michael is also very focused on only keeping sincere and serious ladies in his agency and that was made clear to me in several ways during the course of my visit.

If anyone would like to communicate with me personally about my experience, please feel free to get in touch with me through Michael. I will be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns.


a letter from Natalie (former client) 26th November 2015

Hello Michael,

Hope you're well. Just wanted to let you know that after many months of waiting I finally received my visa for entry to UK. I can't tell you how happy I am and looking forward to starting my new life. I know we have thanked you many times but once again just wanted to express my gratitude for your work, because without you this wouldn't have been possible. I'm leaving Ukraine on 5th of December without any regrets. As previously promised we will forward photographs when they will be ready.

Please, keep doing what you're doing!

Good luck and my sincerest best wishes.


ukrainian brides

Ross reports about his stay in Kharkov, 22nd November 2015

On Kharkov:

Kharkov is a city worth seeing. After having seen Kiev and Lwow, Kharkov is a nice change of pace. This is a working city, not overly-focused on tourists. You can enjoy real life happening around you for your visit. The location of the Mordinson apartments is roughly central to fantastic areas of the city: near the (ex-)Lenin statue, the city center, several major universities, several parks and a great many restaurants and cafes. The apartments are in a very nice building, and are protected by several entry-security measures. Although there has been a measure of political upheaval within the eastern half of Ukraine, you would never know that anything was happening while in Kharkov - very similar to Kiev and Lwow.

On the service:

I came to Kharkov with a clear intent to only meet the two girls with whom I had communicated over several months. Having said that, when you arrive, you are free to meet as many ladies as you wish. Furthermore, Michael will instruct you on the manners which are expected of you in Ukraine. Michael will introduce you to each of the ladies, and if you are comfortable he knows when to bow out and allow for more natural interactions.

ukrainian brides

Anna and Brandon GOT MARRIED!!! 2nd October 2015

My name is Brandon, I am from British Columbia Canada. I am happy to say that on October 2nd I had got to marry my best friend. I met my wife back in May of 2014 using Mordinson Marriage Agency. My wife and I want to say a very big "thank you" to Michael and all the staff at Mordinson agency. They were great to us both throughout the whole process.

Back in April Michael was huge help in getting my wife a visitor visa to Canada. I would highly recommend this to anyone. I have been to Kharkiv three times over the last year and half. I have really enjoyed getting to see and learn about the city. I have felt very safe in all my time spent in Kharkiv. A year and half ago i was very nervous and unsure if this was a good idea or not. Looking back now it was the best choice have ever made. Thanks again Michael.

Brandon & Anna

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Marina and Chad (the USA) GOT ENGAGED!!! 11th September 2015

Ekaterina and Graham GOT MARRIED!!! 12th August 2015

Ekaterina and Graham first met in the Mordinson marriage agency in late March 2015 and today in the morning we received wonderful news: Ekaterina and Graham got married on the 12th August 2015!!! We are very happy for both of you and wish you many years of joyful and happy life together!!

Graham's testimonial for the Mordinson marriage agency

I am writing this unsolicited testimonial for Mordinsons because I met my wife through this Agency and am very happy about my prospects for the future. Many people are embarrassed about admitting that they use online dating or a marriage agency. Don't be so. Be honest. If you are looking for a wife to make a future with, then why not use a service that enables you to meet like minded individuals? I happened on Mordinsons by chance after a couple of years fruitless search on online dating sites. At first I thought it was expensive compared to the online dating sites. However, you get what you pay for! For me, it has been worth every cent. Continue reading the testimonial on Graham's blog

ukraine women for marriage

Margarita and Stephane GOT MARRIED!!! 24th July 2015

We are very pleased to let you know that Margarita and Stephane (Canada) got married on the 24 July 2015. This wonderful couple met in the Mordinson marriage agency in February 2015. We wish you lots of happiness and joy together!

Mordinson team

ukrainian women and girls for marriage

Viktoria and Dave GOT MARRIED!!! 14th July 2015

Hi Michael!

I wanted to thank you and Mordinson once again for bringing Viktoria into my life. She is the most amazing and wonderful woman. I cant tell you how much she means to me. I am also happy to share with you photos from our wedding. Me and Viktoria were married July 14th 2015 in Kharkov. Please feel free to share our photos on your website. I will also tell any man out there thinking about Mordinson to give it a try.

Thanks again Michael for bringing so much happiness into my life!!

ukrainian brides ukrainian brides

ukrainian brides ukrainian brides

Ultimate Man Magazine interviews Mordinson former client! 26th July 2015

Our former client who met his wife in the Mordinson agency several years ago answers following questions for the UMM:

* Why did you decide to search for a woman abroad?

* And why particularly a woman from the Ukraine?

* All in all, how much money did it cost you to go that route?

* How much time did it take?

* How long did you first "date" your wife? How did you go about dating? How often did you meet and communicate before you proposed?

* How do you know that her intention were honest?

* How did you go about finding a marriage agency? What did you look for? Who did you end up using and why?

* What are mistakes you did that other people should avoid?

* How do you think Ukrainian women are different from women in the States?

Interested to know what his answers to the questions were? Click on the link below:

"Ultimate Man Magazine" interviews Mordinson client on July 26th, 2015

Graham's Q&A with UkrainianDatingBlog! 22nd June 2015

It's was a great pleasure to read the interview that Graham (Mordinson former client) gave to the UkrainianDatingBlog recently. Graham talks about his experience in searching for the right woman in Ukraine and gives valuable hints and tips. Enjoy: Graham talks about his experience looking for a Woman in Ukraine

ukrainian brides

Natalie and Lloyd GOT MARRIED! 23rd June 2015


This is Natalie who you introduced to Lloyd last year. I wanted once again express my gratitude to you for your work and for meeting with my Husband!!! Thank YOU!

Our wedding was a very rushed affair at a registry office last week. Lloyd had arranged a visit here and even on his arrival we weren't sure that we would be able to go ahead due to the necessary paperwork. As such it was a process of simply signing with no sort of ceremony at all. We didn't even have any photos taken. However, it is our intention, once I'm in the UK, to have a church blessing in the presence of God. I assure you Michael that we will send you photos for the site of our ceremony then. Definitely!

We will both be eternally grateful to you because without 'Mordinson' we wouldn't have found the happiness that we have. Keep up the good work. Photos to follow !!!!! Best wishes!!
Natalie & Lloyd.

ukrainian brides ukrainian brides

ukrainian brides ukrainian brides

Tatiana and John (Sydney, Australia) 18th January 2015

Hi, I am 35 years old computer engineer from Sydney, Australia. Having relatives married to Russian and Ukrainian women, I was looking abroad to see if I can find my compatible partner or not. My first encounter with Mordinson happened when I was already fed up with dating scams and shady websites all over the net, I was really in search of a decent agency which understands my needs, things I look for in partner and one that can really help me find partner I am looking for. Having read positive comments and looking at the Mordinson website, I decided to get in touch with them.

That was when whole thing started and before I knew it, I was in Kharkov and met the beatiful woman who really fulfilled my criteria of partner.

However, I must admit it is not an easy process and there are lot of things you and your partner need to overcome.

There are lot of agencies out there who are just interested in your pocket but Michael Mordinson is really out there to help you find your partner and his assuring, cooperative and punctual attitude really helped me in deciding whether to come to Ukraine or not and look for my partner there.

I would like to add that despite tensions between Russia and Ukraine, there were no signs of disturbance arising from the conflict and whole city was calm and peaceful.

Good news is we are now in the process of preparing my fiancee visa application seven months into our relationship and if you are really out there for finding your partner, I suggest you give Mordinson a shot. Hello and good luck to everyone from land down under!


ukrainian brides

Review by Jeff (Houston, USA) 19th December 2014

My visit to Kharkov December 2014

After many months of wasted letter exchanges and a trip to Ukraine through the more publicized dating sites for dating abroad, I found Mordinson, I noticed immediately the profiles were limited and the ladies were all very conservative. Basically, the ladies were respectful and dignified. I chose the ladies for correspondence and initially I was upset, because some of the ladies I chose, had no interest and rejected my introduction. This was much different than my previous experience on other Ukrainian dating sites. I realized at that point that Mordinson was real. The ladies are searching for their partner and not being paid to communicate. This is a good thing!

After communication with the ladies that had similar interests and goals in life, I visited Kharkov In December 2014. I had no travel difficulties. I felt very safe during the entire visit. Life in the city was normal and busy. The city is beautiful. Everyone I came in contact with was friendly. The accommodations from Mordinson were nice and in a central location. I was able to walk to Independence Square or take a short taxi ride to most locations. Actually, a taxi was only needed due to the cold weather. With some interpretation help, I visited almost every museum and park in downtown.

I am now in direct communication with one woman and it is because of Mordinson. My thinking, you can spend months or years on the other sites trying to find one or two honest ladies that have genuine interest in dating abroad or you can look at the 50+ honest and genuine profiles on Mordinson. The pictures you see on the site are current and real, not 10-15 years ago.


Valery and Andy got Married on 14th November 2014!!

We just received wonderful news from Valery and Andy who got married a couple of weeks ago in the USA. We want to wish this beautiful couple lots of joyful and happy years together! Andy and Valery made an testimonial video for us when they just met, click here to view this video

ukrainian brides

Mordinson client talks about his experience on a personal blog (the USA) 19th October 2014

...Mordinson has been in the marriage and introduction business since 1999. Longevity is a good sign in this industry. They also are a registered business in Ukraine and have contact information on their website (another good sign). They also enjoy a good reputation among other bride seekers on the internet and that's what matters the most; how clients rate the agency and would they recommend it. So you should definitely do your research about any agency that you may be interested in using and get people's opinions about it.

The agency is being run and managed by Michael Mordinson. He was more than willing to answer any questions I might have had. He personally meets the ladies in his office and interviews them before accepting them in his agency. The ladies are notified that Mordinson is an international agency which means that the male clients are men that live in other countries, so the ladies are aware that they may need to move abroad if they get married at this agency...

CLICK HERE to continue reading this Review

Oksana and Christopher (the USA) 12th October 2014


My name is Christopher and I want to share our love story that we found through the Mordinson agency.

I have thought about a lady abroad for many years, but have always been skeptical about actually doing it. The main reason being I have heard of all the scams associated with doing such a thing as this. Came across Mordinson's purely by accident one day while browsing the internet. I immediately liked what I saw with the Mordinson website, which is complete honesty. Being a family owned agency that takes pride in their name, was very attractive to me. So I did research about the agency, and finally after a couple of months I decided to contact the agency and officially join.

I wrote to a several ladies and through writing I was very drawn to Oksana. We had so many things in common and really had a good chemistry though letters and phone conversations. So, we had planned to meet in March, but things did not work out for that time frame and we finally met in July 2014.

When I arrived at the Airport after a long flight, I was greeted by Michael (who was full of energy and very happy to see me). Once I met Michael all my anxiety and worry disappeared and I knew I had made a good decision. After a quick tour of the city, Michael took me to my apartment (very clean) so I might get ready for my meeting with Oksana. Michael's sister-in-law met me at the apartment and took me to the nice little café very close to the apartment. I was so nervous waiting for Oksana, when I saw Oksana walk in through the door; I knew she was the one. I felt such warmness and love for her. She was 10x more beautiful in person than I ever imagined. But most importantly she is my best friend and the relationship we established before our meeting quickly turned into fireworks!!!!. We where together the entire time I was in Kharkov, nothing could separate us.

We both decided to start the visa process and we are looking forward to start our life together!!

So please do not let your fears keep you from having a life changing experience. I have found a true life partner and I am very blessed man.

Michael has permission to share contact information with any potential clients who may have questions about traveling to the agency.

Kind regards, Christopher & Oksana

Alina and Thomas (the USA) 10th September 2014

I recently spent a week in Kharkov after 2 and a half months of correspondence with one person that I felt an immediate connection with. I ended up spending the entire week with the most beautiful and kindest person I have ever met.

The city is filled with amazing people and things to see and do, if I can give you just one piece of advice though it would be prepare to do a lot of walking.

I was not looking for love at the club or in a bar here and I was a little hesitant to try this at first but I can now say it has been a life changing experience for me. I am already planning to go back soon and am grateful for Michael helping us find each other.

Sincerely, Thomas

ukrainian brides

Viktoria and Howard met in the Mordinson marriage agency in Summer 2002

Today we received a wonderful letter and pictures from this beautiful family and it's our pleasure to share the letter and pictures with you!!! 25th July 2014

We are very thankful to you guys for introducing us to each other twelve years ago! We are still happily married, and, as you can see, two years ago God has blessed us with our little Princess, Anastasia.i don't know how often you get updates on how things progress for the couples that meet each other with your help, but we hope our story will encourage more love stories yet, with your help, of course!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts again for bringing us together! Keep up the good work! And of course you may use our pictures on you website to encourage more couples to date!:) we are happy to help!
Love, Vita, Howard and Anastasia!

Click here to enlarge pictures

ukrainian brides ukrainian women and girls for marriage

ukrainian women and girls for marriage ukrainian women and girls for marriage

Mordinson client (Texas, USA) reporting from Kharkov 5th July 2014

Review by Steve (New York, USA) 14th June 2014

I just spent a week in the middle of June 2014 in Kharkov. First, guys, don't be scared by the media hype over a few skirmishes in the far Eastern part of the country. Kharkov is calm and safe. I did not see any unrest.

If you are really scared, you can spend the entire time in the complex where the agency and the apartment is located and just go to cafés in the complex.

This agency has the highest standards of ethics of any agency I've seen in this country. I met 10 girls. The 11th girl stood me up, and she was removed from the site for not responding and giving a good reason for not coming. The other women arrived exactly at the appointed meeting time. They were all real, and serious about marrying a foreign man and leaving their home country.

There was zero sign of the usual foreign dating scams in this country.

The apartment was excellent, and Michael was a cheerful and friendly host.

The family prefers to only host one client in Kharkov at a time, so you get personal attention. Michael helped me buy a train ticket, and recommend meeting places and activities in Kharkov. He offered a personal tour, as well.

I have all the necessary contact info and I will return soon and hopefully move toward engagement and marriage with 1 of the 4 ladies I liked most. Steve

Irina und Stefan 04. Juni 2014 (Deutschland)


ich möchte mich kurz vorstellen: Mein Name ist Stefan.Ich bin ende 40zig und geschieden. Im Spätsommer 2013 entschloß ich mich nach mehreren Beziehungsenttäuschungen mich in die Hände von einer profesionellen Partnervermittlung zu begeben.

Ich wollte keine einfache Agentur, sondern eine Agentur die bereit ist, mir Hilfe bis zur Hochzeit zuleisten!!

Nach dem ich kontakt mit Darya Mordinson aufgenommen hatte. Den Vorstellungsbrief versendet hatte, dann mit einige Damen kontakt bekommen hatte, flog ich in Herbst nach Kharkiv.

Ich wurde in Kharkiv am Flughafen von Michael Mordinson abgeholt. Wir fuhren ins Appartment. Der Apartmentkomplex wird selbstverständlich von Security bewacht!

Ich traf den Tag darauf die Damen und wir gingen nach dem Treffen spazieren oder essen!! Mit einer Dame traf ich mich täglich, meist abends!!! Wir gingen aus, genossen die gemeinsame Zeit und begannen eine Beziehung.

In keiner Phase meines Aufenthaltes hatte ich das Gefühl in eines mir feindlichen Umgebung zusein. Ich fühlte mich wohl. Ich muß aber gestehen : Ich als Mensch der auf dem Lande auf gewachsen ist. Ist natürlich von der Größe und Monomentalität dieser 1,4 Millionen Stadt sehr angetan!!!

Man merkt aber dieser Stadt an, das sie sehr viele Studenten hat und der Intellekt sehr aus geprägt ist.

Sie können ungestört durch die vielen Parks und Straßen bummeln. Es wird sie niemand belästigen!!!

Sie können sich voll und ganz um die Frau ihres Herzen kümmern und den Weg in eine Beziehung ebnen!! Ich habe diese Glück gefunden und werde die nexten Wochen wieder nach Kharkiv reisen.

Ich wünsche ihnen allen viel Glück und Erfolg!!!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen


Mordinson client (the USA) reporting from Kharkov 28th May 2014

Anna and Brandon (Canada) 24th May 2014

I have just recently returned from an eleven day stay in the city of Kharkiv. I would like to say that I enjoyed my time there very much. It is a beautiful city with a lot to offer. I was very nervous about traveling to Ukraine with the political situation that was happening there. I had done a lot of reading before I went. As confident as I was that it would be safe there, I still had doubts until I got there and could see for myself. I am very happy to say that I saw nothing that made me feel threatened in any way. In my eleven days I walk all over the city and did not see anything like you would see in the news.

Everything about my trip exceeded my expectations. The Mordinson agency treated me great. The apartment is great and feels like home. I was worried about the language barrier being a problem. If you speak english you will have no problems finding your way around. All the ladies I meet where exactly what I expected them to be. I am very happy to say that I meet a great lady and we hit it off right away. We spent everyday that I was there together, and we continue to communicate with each other everyday. I owe a huge thank to Micheal, Alla, and Maxim for my time in Kharkiv being such a great success.


Natalie and Lloyd (the UK) 16th May 2014

From my very first letter written, to the return flight from my visit to Kharkiv, I have nothing but respect & admiration for Michael & the Mordinson business.

I am naturally very wary & probably as sceptical as is possible to be. However, I need not have had any concerns, whatsoever.

I have just returned home from what I can only describe as an incredible experience. One that has changed my life forever.

Maybe I was slightly different from most people browsing through the ladies portraits on the Mordinson web site. I already had in mind a picture of my ideal partner. I can't believe I saw the girl of my dreams within seconds. I only wrote to Natalie. She replied. Two months later I was on my way to meet the most incredible woman I've ever met. During those two months the service I received from Michael was first class. Every mail I sent was almost immediately responded to confriming his acceptance and forwarding to Natalie. Michael honestly & truthfully allayed the fears I had of the currently alleged problems in the east of Ukraine when arranging my visit. I found a lively, vibrant city with no evidence whatsoever of any political problems. In fact the only gathering of a large number of people was for the City's bicycle day , for which thousands turned out!

I was greeted at the airport by Michael & Natalie. A day I will never forget. After settling into the excellent apartment Michael introduced me to the local area with his tour. His enthusiasm and dedication to me as his client, was outstanding. Available 24 hours a day to answer any problems you may have ...... what more could you ask for? Be in no doubt, what you read on the Mordinson web site is EXACTLY what you will find in reality. As with everything else in life, you get what you pay for. With Michael, you will get what you expect. It's just a first rate service.

I felt compelled to write these few words after my truly amazing experience. In fact, if you have any real concerns, ask me personally. I will be happy to anwer you. Contact me through Michael.

Most importantly ....... Natalie. Beautiful, honest, truthful, respectful, excellent morals, very intelligent and mine! I have found my perfect partner. If the other ladies available at Mordinson are anything like Natalie you'd be foolish not to pursue your dream. Mine has become reality. Lloyd & Natalie

Natali und Hans from Munich (Deutschland) 12 Mai 2014

Um es vorweg zu schicken: Meine Erfahrung mit Mordinson war durchwegs äußerst positiv und ich bin sehr glücklich darüber, dass ich diesen Schritt gegangen bin. Lasst mich also von meiner Erfahrung berichten:

Nachdem ich Ende letzten Jahres auf die Mordinson-Webpage aufmerksam geworden war, nahm ich Kontakt mit der Agentur auf und nach einigen Fragen, die Michael umgehend und ausführlich beantwortete, fühlte ich mich im Februar bereit, den Service in Anspruch zu nehmen. Die Leistungen der Agentur wurden genauso durchgeführt wie auf der Webpage beschrieben. Meine Vorstellungs-E-Mail wurde übersetzt und and die Damen weitergeleitet, mit denen ich Kontakt aufnehmen wollte und kurz darauf bekam ich die ersten Antworten. Es folgten zwei Monate der Korrespondenz, die mit einigen Kontakten recht ausführlich war.

Im März begann ich meine Reise nach Kharkov zu planen. Leider stellte sich heraus, dass mein Wunschtermin im April nicht möglich war, da die Agentur nur begrenzt Kapazität für Besucher zur Verfügung stellt, um jeden Kunden persönlich und intensiv betreuen zu können. In Absprache mit Michael fanden wir aber schnell eine sehr gute Lösung (Terminverschiebung um wenige Tage und Unterkunft während der ersten zwei Tage in einem sehr angenehmen Hotel, dann Umzug in das großzügige und saubere Apartment)

Am 27.04. war es dann endlich soweit, ein Austrian Airlines Flug brachte mich problemlos mit einmal Umsteigen in Wien von München nach Kharkov. Michael holte mich von dem kleinen, aber blitzsauberen und modernen Flughafen ab und nutze die Wartezeit, bis das Taxi da war, um mich auf dem Gelände herumzuführen und mir einige Dinge über die Geschichte des Flughafens zu erzählen. Der Kontakt zu Michael war sofort sehr offen und freundschaftlich und half mir, mich in eine lockere, erwartungsvolle und positive Stimmung zu versetzten. Bereits am Ankunftstag fand abends das erste sehr nette Treffen statt. Da die Dame gut Englisch konnte, ließ uns Michael nach der Vorstellung alleine und wir verbrachten einen schönen Abend mit angeregter Unterhaltung und einem anschließenden Spaziergang durch die nähere Umgebung.

Kharkov stellte sich als absolut sichere und recht interessante Stadt heraus. Von den politischen Unruhen in der Ukraine, von denen zu diesem Zeitpunkt in den westlichen Medien berichtet wurde, war überhaupt nichts zu spüren. Ich konnte eine kleine Kundgebung von ca. 50 Menschen beobachten, die man auf dem riesigen Liberty Square allerdings auch sehr leicht hätte übersehen können. Bereits am ersten Abend hatte sich meine Besorgnis wegen der Sicherheit in der Stadt vollkommen zerstreut und ich habe mich auch während meines gesamten Aufenthalts immer absolut sicher und entspannt gefühlt.

Am zweiten Tag holte mich Michael zunächst zu einer kleinen Sightseeing Tour zu Fuß ab. Ich fühlte mich wirklich persönlich betreut! Nach dem Sightseeing waren zur  Mittagszeit und am Abend Treffen ausgemacht bei denen Michael jeweils auf sehr  angenehme Art übersetzte - mit Humor und Feingefühl, das sehr auflockernd wirkte.  Ich hatte mehr das Gefühl, mit einem Freund unterwegs zu sein, der eben auch mit der  Übersetzung hilft, als mit einem Übersetzer, mit dem man keine persönliche Beziehung  hat.

Auch war es mit Michael möglich den ein oder anderen Gedanken über meine Erlebnisse  mit den Damen auszutauschen - das fand ich sehr entspannend und hilfreich. Michael  fand dabei die perfekte Balance zwischen Diskretion und persönlichem Interesse, das  hat sicherlich zu der hervorragenden Qualität der persönlichen Betreuung beigetragen. Nun, in den sieben Tagen in Kharkov lernte ich sieben sehr attraktive, interessante und  gebildete Damen kennen. Mit dreien meine Favoritinnen habe ich mich mehrmals  getroffen, so dass es möglich war, die gegenseitige Chemie zu überprüfen.

Aus heutiger Sicht würde ich wenn möglich einige Tage länger einplanen, um das Kennenlernen noch zu vertiefen und vor allem die Zeit mit der einen Frau noch mehr zu genießen, mit der sich der schönste Kontakt entwickelt hat. Es war sehr schade, dass ich aus beruflichen Gründen schon am 3. Mai wieder abreisen musste. Wir haben seitdem sehr intensiven Kontakt über Skype und planen im Juni einen gemeinsamen Urlaub in der Türkei. Ich schaue also sehr optimistisch in die Zukunft!

Was gibt es noch zu sagen? Ich habe den höchsten Respekt für die Frauen, die sich bei der Agentur registriert haben. Alle sind bereit, sich mit einer fremden Kultur auseinander zu setzen und Englisch (oder Deutsch) zu lernen um ihren Traum von Beziehung, Liebe und Familie verwirklichen zu können. Auch einen Fremden, einem Ausländer offen zu begegnen, sich für ihn zu interessieren und sich die Mühe zu machen, die sprachlichen Kommunikations-Hürden zu überwinden, damit ein Kennenlernen und ein späteres Zusammenleben überhaupt möglich wird - das ist nicht selbstverständlich und hat mich sehr beeindruckt.

Vielen, herzlichen Dank an Michael und die gesamte Mordinson-Familie, die das alles möglich gemacht haben!

Olga and Marc (the USA) 11th May 2014

Marc and Olga met in the beginning of May 2014 when Marc came over to Kharkov. We are very happy to post the video this wonderful couple made in the Mordinson studio on the last day of Marc's stay in Ukraine.

Yana and Eric (the USA) 9th May 2014

"I would like to thank Mordinson's for all of your hospitality during my recent trip to Kharkov. It was a wonderful 9 days of spending time with a beautiful lady, touring the city, eating wonderful food and meeting very friendly people. Although there have been recent news about the Russian/Ukraine issues, I felt safe at all times and the city was calm and peaceful, basically business as usual. I enjoyed Gorky Park, seeing many memorials, and boating on the inner city waterway. I look forward to coming back very soon to spend my time with my lovely lady and seeing more of the beautiful city of Kharkov.....Thanks Michael!"

Client from New Zealand, April 28th 2014

Hi guys! After travelling to Ukraine and meeting with a very special woman I felt it was appropriate to share my story and experiences. Like many previous clients of Mordinson's Marriage Agency my story of course begins in my home country, which is New Zealand for me! There's nothing exceptional about me, I'm an average bloke with a regular job, who enjoys the outdoors and hanging out with my friends. About a year ago I was in abit of a dating slump, but my curiosity for an international relationship was actually inspired by a friend. He's married to a lovely Brazilian woman and seeing how happy his family is really got me thinking. I remember talking to him about what it's like being married to someone from a different culture and who speaks another language, I've known him for a long time and I can honestly say I've never seen him more happy or content.

So the next thing I did was research, there are a number of large companies out there but I did not feel comfortable with them. Online there is a lot of information about online dating with a foreign woman, most of it is either advertising or reviews about scams. So far this story isn't really getting off to a good start, but I assure you everything works out! For myself the most useful information came from the Ukraine dating blog by Krystyna, and this is where I first encountered Mordinson Marriage Agency. I had a look at the website and was happy with the reviews about the agency. I decided to contact Michael to ask a few questions I had and the response I received was straight forward and down to earth. Satisfied I took the next step and wrote my introduction letter and sent it to some of the ladies I was interested in. A few days later I had my responses and I then bought an emailing service for one month to begin my correspondence with three wonderful woman. After the first month had passed I believe I had enough in common with these ladies to continue writing to them. I can tell you writing to these woman has been a delight and I was happy to share each other's hopes and dreams.

After a while I knew who I wanted to meet and I took the next step by planning my flight to Ukraine. At the time of writing this review, there is a lot of media coverage of the political situation in Ukraine. I can tell you from my experiences, Kharkov is a safe and well-adjusted city. Demonstrations do occur but nothing of significance happens and they're peaceful. The people of Kharkov are friendly and helpful, they really want nothing more than for the situation of Ukraine to return to normal so they can carry on with their lives. That being said, I think you'd like to hear about my meeting.

Michael picked me up at the airport after my very long flight and it was good to finally be in Ukraine. No problems were encountered by customs and I was soon on my way to the apartment. (which I found comfortable and neat). There is also a small plaza around the corner where you can buy everyday items of food as well as a number of restaurants within walking distance. (McDonalds isn't too far either if you're looking for something from home!) I slept well and my meeting took place the following evening.

When I first saw her I was breathless, she was even more beautiful in real life and the photos online don't do justice to her! We went to a coffee cafe and walked around the city. At the end of our meeting we both agreed to continue spending time with each other to get to know one another. Those six days went by far too fast for me! The woman I met is the most kind, considerate and gentle person I've had the pleasure of knowing. We're now planning a holiday together in Turkey later on this year, which we are both excited about! Overall I can't overstate how impressed I was with the service provided by Michael, he is an honest and transparent guy. Michael remains unobtrusive and leaves the couples to themselves. Naturally if your lady doesn't speak English a translator will be provided. Just remember this is a business, but he truly does have your best interests at heart. The woman I had the privilege of getting to know through correspondence are genuine and very lady like, it's refreshing to see old fashion etiquette and these woman expect you to know these customs, so get used to the idea of being a gentleman when you met you future girlfriend or wife! Lastly I like to thank Michael for all the small things he did that made my stay enjoyable, it has definitely been worthwhile making the journey here to meet my very special woman.

Sofia and Randy got Married on 18th April 2014!!

They met in the Mordinson agency in June 2013 and it was such a pleasure to learn that Sofia and Randy tied a knot on Friday 18th April 2014 in Michigan, USA. Randy wrote a testimonial for us in the past in which he told his own story and also shared his e-mail address, so you can send a question about Mordinson agency directly to a man who has first hand experience. Click here to read Randy's testimonial

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ukrainian women and girls for marriage ukrainian women and girls for marriage

Inna and Matt (the USA) January 11th, 2014

If you are serious in looking for a decent and serious lady to become your wife - Mordinson agency is the one you can fully trust and rely on!

Place provided by Mordinson agency was safe, clean and modern apartment, it made me feel home, besides Michael's hospitality and unbelievable professionalism impressed me the most. He was available 24 Hrs. With his full time to assist in translating phone conversations and attending dates to help understand each other if there was a language barrier.

As far as the ladies: every one of those ladies I met was so beautiful, kind and very serious. No game at all! Plus, ladies in Ukraine are very educated, respectful and they are romantic. I describe as: modern Europeans with traditional women soul.

And most importantly, I found my love with the help of Mordinson agency! I appreciate it so much and I certainly suggest you consider giving chance to Mordinson.

Please request my info to get in touch with me if you have any concerns or questions. Mordinson agency has the permission to give my contact info.

Matt, Florida USA

Sofia & Randy got engaged!!! August 26th, 2013

Sofia and Randy who met in the Mordinson marriage agency back in June 2013 got engaged during Randy's second trip to Ukraine!!! We want to congratulate this wonderful couple and wish them lots of happy and joyful years together!

Mordinson family

ukrainian brides ukrainian women and girls for marriage

UkrainianDatingBlog interviews Mordinson former client 10th July 2013 Hi, Keith. Thank you once again for the agreement to give an interview to my Ukrainian dating blog. Before we start, please tell us briefly how you found your wife. As far as I know, you met her in the Mordinson marriage agency ( How was the service you got in this agency different from what you experienced before you found Mordinson?

Keith: Hi Krystyna! Yes, I was very pleased with the personal attention I received at Mordinson. I went in to this whole thing very cautious because of some of the stories that I read about on the internet. When I started to look around I felt uneasy with the first couple of places so I gave Mordinson a try. I was never pressured and everything that was expected was delivered. They have a really nice business there! click here to continue reading the interview

Sofia & Randy, the USA. 6th June 2013

Thanks Michael for convincing the ultimate skeptic!

I was really getting bored dating here where I live and was due for a vacation. I have always been curious about Ukraine dating.

First thing I discovered is how many scams there are. It really is overwhelming all the info out there about men who have been scammed. I honestly couldn't find anything negative about Mordinson agency but was still extremely skeptical.

I emailed with some women on Michael's site and soon found myself sending and receiving emails daily with one particular woman I found intriguing. After we had spoken on the phone a couple of times I made plans to visit the Ukraine and meet her in person.

Michael met me at the airport and brought me to the apartment. It was great. Very nicely laid out. Safe and secure far better than a hotel room.

I met Sofia the next day and we were off and running. She was everything I thought she would be and more. We even vacationed to Crimea together. Kharkov is a very interesting city with many sites and great restaurants and we had a blast together.

Michael would call me often to see how things were going and was extremely helpful. Never once did my phone call go unanswered. We even went site seeing one day and his sense of humor kept me laughing all day and I consider him a friend.

Sofia asked the agency to take down her profile and I am going back in August to see her. Mordinsons personal approach to Ukraine dating is ideal if you are serious about meeting a genuine girl.

Anyone that wants can email me Randy(at) I will be more than happy to help you in making the right decision! Randy, the USA

Oksana and HK (Canada) got married! 13th May 2013

We are very pleased to inform you that Oksana and HK (Canada) who met in the Mordinson agency last year got married this past Friday May 10th 2013 here in Kharkov, Ukraine. Mordinson staff joins the families and friends of the couple in their wholehearted greetings on that joyous occasion! Have a wonderful life together and always love each other!!!

Click here to read the testimonial that HK wrote after his stay in Kharkov in November 2012
Mordinson family

Julia & Bill, the USA, 30th April 2013

I'm writing this testimonial to anyone who is looking for an honest marriage agency, and has felt skeptical about many of the other sites and agencies out there.

I will give you a little background information about me, before I tell you why I ended up choosing the Mordinson Agency. I am a 37 years old, white male from the United States. I am nice looking,employed, financially responsible, and a good decent person. I have been in many relationships, with many nice women from the US over the years, but never actually felt ready for the responsibility or desire for marriage until recently. Many of my friends are married to American women (many quite unhappily I might add), but I have yet to find the right woman for me. I have had an active dating life all the way back since high school, college and up until now, but I have found that because I have waited so long to feel fully ready for marriage, my selection of quality women has become less and less with each passing year. That is not surprising, because most quality women want to find the right man to marry, and have a family. I have tried internet dating sites in the US, and met several nice, attractive women. But, even so, the women I have dated have usually already been divorced, and some have had a child from a previous relationship. Although, I liked these women, I finally accepted that what was really best for me was a woman with no children, who has never been married. This is what most men want, of course. Unfortunately, I had also observed that possibly because of feminism (starting with the feminist movement in the US in the 1960s) gender roles in America have changed for the worst over the years, and the traditional family unit has suffered as a result. In other words, it seems as though many American women have become more masculine and aggressive, and the respect that men once held in relationships has diminished greatly. This is evident in American comedy sitcoms, or even commercials, where the husband or father, is made to look like a buffoon, while his wife treats him like another child in the family that she is now in charge of! Does any of this sound familiar to you also?

I rationalized that I could continue to search and search in the United States, and hope to find a traditional, feminine woman, but I came to the realization that going overseas might be a more practical, time saving, and logical approach. So, I began exploring the idea of where I could find a traditional, feminine woman, outside of the United States. As I researched on the internet, I came across many international dating sites, and marriage agencies. I narrowed my search down to women from the FSU (former Soviet Union), such as Ukraine and Russia. I chose the women from the Ukraine, specifically, because I had read extensively that they are the most feminine women anywhere in the world. I also dated a woman of eastern European decent for many years, and she had a feminine mystic and appeal that I have not been able to find since. While there appeared to be many international dating sites/marriage agency options to choose from, my gut instinct and online research revealed that many of these "marriage agencies" were scams, and many bad reviews and experiences I had read online supported my suspicions.

I made a decision to search for smaller agencies, where I would have the opportunity to talk to a live person, hopefully, even the owner of the agency, and establish a professional relationship. I began reading on foreign bride forums on the internet, which discussed the experiences of men who were looking to do the same thing I intended to do. I came across a lot of helpful and useful information, that lead me in the right direction. The Mordinson Agency had received positive praise, and it's owner, Michael, had established a good track record and reputation as an honest businessman. I continued to research for several more months actually, and look at his website, and research his agency. I was not able to find any negative reviews or experiences about his agency, but only positive remarks about Mordinson. This was extremely encouraging, and I had finally made a decision to contact him through e-mail to ask a few questions. He responded promptly and professionally. He told me that whenever I wanted to write an introduction letter, and send my pictures, he would translate them for free and send to the ladies. It was about a month later that I called him, to ask him to send a few introduction letters to the ladies I was interested in. During this interim period, he never once, tried to call or pressure me to begin the process. This was also a very good sign to me.

When I finally had professional pictures taken of me (which I recommend to anyone wanting to write to the ladies/it's worth me), I sent the introduction letter. Several days later I began receiving responses from the ladies. This was very exciting, and so the correspondence began. I wrote to a few ladies, for several months.

After two months, I made arrangements to fly over to Kharkov during the third month of correspondence to meet the ladies. After arriving in Kharkov and settling in, I met the three women I had been writing to on my second day there. By the end of the day, it was obvious to me, that I had already made my choice. I focused on this one lady for the rest of the trip, and we hit it off very well.

By the end of the trip, we agreed that we wanted to begin the K1 Visa process (fiancee visa), with the intentions of her moving abroad to the United Stats, to start a life together. I can say with all honesty that choosing the Mordinson Agency, and making the decision to fly over to Kharkov to meet my future wife, was the absolute best and most important decision I've ever made in my life.

The owner of the agency, Michael, is an honest and forthright person. You can tell that he cares about his clients and the mission of his business. He wants his clients to be happy, and have love in their lives. He also cares about his reputation, and that of his family, so his customer service skills are exceptional. He went out of his way throughout the entire experience, from when I first spoke to him, to even after leaving Ukraine. He is a good person, and you can trust him, which was extremely important when I made my eventual decision to choose Mordinson. I consider myself a pretty astute, and logical person. I research everything before I make important decisions in my life. I can recommend the Mordinson Agency, without any hesitation. The agency is top notch, and if you are serious about finding a quality, foreign wife from the Ukraine, this is your best opportunity.

I will answer any questions from anyone, who would like to speak to me through email, or by telephone. I feel indebted to Michael, and owe him so much thanks. Thank you to Michael, Max and Alla, for all your support and assistance, during a life changing experience!

God bless you guys! Bill, USA

It gives us a great pleasure to post the testimonial which we received from Keith and Ludmila who met in the Mordinson agency one year ago. Near the end of his first trip to Kharkov Keith has recorded a very interesting audio testimonial which we posted on our web site on the 2nd January 2012.

Shortly after their first personal meeting Keith and Ludmila applied for a K1 Fiancee visa and in December 2012 Ludmila got her visa approved and moved to the USA. I would like to wish this wonderful couple on behalf of all the members of the Mordinson family - a happy life together which will be full joy, fulfillment of their dreams and most importantly endless love for each other!

We are very happy for you!!!

Michael and entire Mordinson family

Testimonial by Ludmila and Keith, USA 28th December 2012

A little over a year ago I decided to make a change. I decided that the time had come for me to stop the endless cycle of disappointment that I had in trying to find my someone special in my hometown. At the time I did not know what to do but I developed a very big interest in European people when I finally got a chance to visit my family in Norway. It was an exciting time and got my mind thinking on how could meet someone from overseas, how could I pull it off? So began my search. I soon read many sites online and Ukraine became my obvious choice. I then signed up for two websites and one of them seemed to be a huge site with thousands of gorgeous girls but an aura of a scam (and many bad reviews). The other site had outdated profiles of people that never responded or responded asking me for money right off the bat. I joined an international forum and heard about many bad experiences and was really starting to get the feeling that I was going to get ripped off if I was not careful. So I debated on stopping the process or learning more about how to do this without being conned. Of all of the information that I read, the advice that made the biggest impact on me was to find a smaller agency which has been around for many years. This is where the Mordinson agency came in.

I started the process with them but was still apprehensive and careful to make sure that they were legitimate. Over time I became more and more comfortable with them and more impressed with Michael Mordinson and how he ran his business. He was extremely responsive, honest and I never had 1 issue. Almost 3 months after communicating with the girl I was most interested in, I traveled to Ukraine to meet her. That was the most amazing first date that I have ever had and I knew from that moment that I would do whatever it would take to bring my Ludmila to the United States.

We spent the week together and then I returned to Ukraine 2 more times over the next 9 months. Michael helped us with the paperwork and pointed me to websites in the US that had vast information on the visa process and how to bring Ludmila overseas. The wait was a little rough for both of us but alas the day finally arrived that we got our approval. We were incredibly excited! She soon visited the Embassy in Kiev to finalize everything and before you know if she was on her way!

At this point she has been here for 2 and a half weeks and we are very excited as we get to know each other more every day. Plans are in the works for our wedding in 2 months and we will begin to look at places to get married at this coming weekend. I am so very pleased that I continued this process and that I met Michael at the Mordinson agency. Not only did they introduce me to the love of my life but Michael and Alla have become trusted friends in Ukraine as well. I highly recommend this agency to anyone that is looking for a trusted company with great service to their clients. I am also willing to speak on the phone with anyone who may have questions about my experience or may feel more comfortable with a referral from a previous American client. If this is the case please get my contact information through Mordinson and we can set up a time to talk.

Best of luck to you in your search!

Keith and Ludmila

Testimonial by Bob from Texas, USA 26th December 2012

I am a foreign born, 44 year old divorced man, living in the USA. For reasons that I will not discuss here, I had little success with American women. I have been online dating on some of the most popular sites for about three years. I spent at least 1200 US dollars on membership fees, and at least 15,000 US dollars on flights and accommodations to meet with women encountered on these sites.

Eventually I reached the conclusion that online dating is a poor way to love. It gives you the feeling that a better match is just a click away, so you are constantly searching but you never settle. Similarly to two people that got lost in the wilderness: If both move around searching, it will take a very long time until they manage to find each other, unless one of them sits in one place waiting.

I am therefore strongly recommending to any men interested in finding a woman in Ukraine (or elsewhere) joining an introduction agency. But not just any agency! Make sure that you hire the services of one that cares about their reputation. And MORDINSON is definitely among the elites.

They treat you with consideration, they listen to your preferences, you have the chance to learn about the ladies through introduction letters, and you can meet any number of them while in Kharkov. Interpreting will be provided to you for no additional cost (same as guidance through the city for other services - money exchange, shopping, return ticket reservation etc.).

Smart people learn from other's mistakes, so read my story again.

Bob - Texas

Oksana & HK, Canada, 1st December 2012

I wanted to find someone who would appreciate my qualities, instead of someone brought up in a materialistic western environment. I needed someone genuine, beautiful and intelligent, who would have common values and goals as myself. After researching on the internet on websites from different countries for many months, including the former USSR, I concluded that the Mordinson Agency seemed like one that had integrity and good business ethics. I spoke to Michael by email and phone. I went further than that, and I spoke to one of the Mordinson former clients, before deciding to come to Kharkov and finally meet my lady.

I would not wish to compare Canadian and Ukrainian women. However, I can attest that I had the chance to communicate with several beautiful, intelligent, educated Ukrainian ladies, and I found one absolutely wonderful, with all the above qualities. That is hard to find anywhere in the world, I believe.

I was surprised how safe I felt in Kharkov walking late at night with my lady. I was also surprised how efficient and inexpensive the subway, bus and taxi system is. The restaurants are also good, and reasonably priced for the most part.

My advice to a man looking for a wife abroad is to start communication with some ladies at Mordinson. I believe that only genuine ladies are able to become candidates at Mordinson after being interviewed. I would recommend Skyping with some of them after one or two months to get a realistic feel of the beauty and communication style of these women. The rest of the process will flow easily.

I would be happy to talk by email with anyone contemplating Mordinson. Please contact Michael if you wish to ask me any questions.

I wish you all happiness and success in your search!

HK, Canada.

Olga & William, the USA, 24th November 2012

If you are like myself (and you are reading this you are probably in the same boat as I was), you are unhappy with the dating opportunities in the US. Relationships are difficult and my experiences with American women left me scratching my head in frustration with more questions than answers. I began looking into women from other countries that desired what we all want: stability, love, and a healthy, traditional relationship. I did my research and visited many websites offering introduction services, letters, or social events where you could mingle and perhaps meet an interested foreign lady, but none of them had the ring of genuine. That is when I found

Let me tell you of my recent experiences from this past October in Kharkov and with Michael Mordinson. My initial impression of Michael was professionalism and honesty and that was months before I traveled to Ukraine. Michael tells you exactly like it is - read his website a couple of times. He tells you everything upfront in an open and honest manner on his website and when you talk to him his sincerity comes through. His services before traveling to Ukraine, upon arrival, and during your stay are superb. He is an open and friendly person that will give you honest advice without any pushiness or insincerity. The quality of his service after you leave Ukraine continues in the exact manner it started: professional. Michael wants the same thing as you - he wants you to meet someone.

Kharkov is a very beautiful, old European city. Bring a comfortable pair of shoes as you will walk more than you ride in a car. Taxis are abundant, but Kharkov is a city designed for walking with ATMs and cafes dotting the streets and huge parks. The food is spectacular! I think you will find it refreshing to not see a fast food restaurant every block while in Kharkov. There are beautiful parks literally everywhere and Kharkov has a storied history all its own (you might want to do a little reading into Ukrainian history and of Kharkov before arriving). The most surprising aspect of Kharkov were the women. Ukrainian women are simply the most beautiful women I have ever seen. They are everywhere! You will not find any yoga pants, sweat tops, and flip flops in Ukraine. These women dress like it is Friday night everyday. They strive too look good, which is much appreciated if you are like me and exhausted by seeing American women wearing workout clothing when you know they have never set one foot inside a gym in their life.

Now onto the most important aspect and the reason you are reading my impressions and thoughts: the women on Mordinson. First let me tell you that these are real women. You are not writing to a fictitious character. You are writing to the same person whose pictures and profile that interest you. They are sincere with personalities and emotions and they are looking for the same thing(s) that brought you to Mordinson. Once you write your introduction letter - and you will be glad you did - simply be yourself. These letters are your first form of communication, something like a series of first dates and you will get a feeling of the lady's personality quickly. The women in Ukraine grow up much faster than their American counterparts and realize that life is not all roses and cupcakes. To them the most important thing is that you are a nice person with a good personality and character traits. Looks are secondary, but important as well. You will want to bring very nice clothing and dress to impress on your dates! You only get one chance to make a first impression, so take full advantage of your opportunities, dress to impress, and like the gentleman your mother raised you to be. You will want to open doors for her; take notice of how she looks because I guarantee you she spent hours on getting ready and is wearing some of her very best clothing just for you; and you will want to let her know that her efforts did not go unnoticed by paying a sincere compliment. The little things you do will not go unnoticed by her and the first hints of awkwardness will disappear and the rest of the date will fly by, leaving you wanting more. Once you find the woman that makes you think only of her, do everything you can to spend as much time with her on your stay as possible. You will not regret it!

If you are still sitting on the fence trying to make up your mind about writing a letter stop! Just do it. An Introduction letter is free. Talk to Michael, send him an email and express your interest or misgivings or whatever is holding you back. Ukraine is a beautiful place and Kharkov is a city you have to experience. The women are simply second to none!

William E. Texas USA

Testimonial from Netherlands, 29th October 2012

I decided to look for a woman in Ukraine because I was looking for a beautiful, well educated and smart life partner. I saw Mordinson agency on the Dutch television. They had a program about Kharkov while the Dutch football team was playing there. The journalist in this program was surprised over the beautiful, well dressed and well educated women in Kharkov. In this program was also an interview with Michael Mordinson and I was very impressed by the honest and direct approach of this agency. There are real people involved and they do not want to take your money for nothing like most other agencies.

I picked 5 woman from the gallery and start communication with them. First by letters and later by Skype. So I and each of the ladies can decide if we are really interested in each other and if their is potential for a serious relation. This worked out very well in practice. The next step i took was to travel to Kharkov for a stay of one week to meet the ladies in person. Michael took very good care of me. I had a very nice, secured apartment with concierge. He scheduled appointments for me with the ladies, did translations if necessary for the conversations, showed me Kharkov and told me about the history of this city.

I am now seriously dating one lady and have very good feelings that she is maybe the one!

Dutch client.

Valery and Andy (the USA) 20th August 2012

Valery and Andy met in Kharkov in August 2012 after communicating through letters and Skype video calls for about a month.
We are very happy to see this wonderful couple joining their lives together!
They are now working on getting the Fiancee K1 visa so that Valery can move to the USA. Mordinson agency is dedicated to help single men from around the world to meet their soul mates here in Kharkov, Ukraine.

ukrainian marriage mordinson agency kharkov

Dave (the USA) 15th July 2012

Yana is a former client of Mordinson marriage agency in Kharkov/Ukraine.
She met her husband in the agency and now lives in the USA.
The interview took place while Yana was visiting Kharkov in March 2012.


continue to the interview with Yana interviews Mordinson former client

Posted on March 6, 2012 by Krystyna in Ukrainian Dating Interviews

Krystyna: I know you were recently in Kharkov. Did you like the Ukraine and Kharkov in particular? What do you think about the Ukrainian stereotypes (e.g. the country is dangerous for the Westerners and all Ukrainian women are just for your money)? What are your impressions about Ukrainian ladies?

Keith: I did have some problems with cab drivers over charging but I have to say that the ladies that I met there were extremely nice and did not play games of any kind. My experience is as I read, that any self-respecting Ukrainian woman (that you do not know) will not ask you for money. I think that if you encounter one that does, that it is a red flag and you should be cautious (this applies to any country).

My fiancee made the trip the best 'vacation' of my life and it helped that Kharkov was so decorated and festive around the holidays. I am from the southern U.S. so Ukraine is too cold for me but I was very interested in the culture there. The downtown area was particularly clean and they had many fun things to offer.

We had gone to the dolphinarium, the opera, the roller rink, a festival and many great cafes. One of the first things that you notice is the women's beauty and sense of fashion, it is very impressive. I had a great time and will be meeting her in Kiev in 4 weeks! Many of the people that I talked to are very high on Kiev so I look forward to seeing it.continue reading the interview

Testimonial of Byron, Florida USA

I have been acquainted with Mordinson Agency for three years now. I was originally drawn to the longevity of the business and that it was a family operation. My instincts were right as the integrity of this operation could not be better. The girls of the agency are who they present them to be and I knew early on I would stay with the pursuit as long as necessary because Ukrainian girls are truly special.

The personal service and attention to details from the agency is second to none.

The letters are a good ice breaker but its meeting the girls face to face that will determine your fate.

I found Kharkov to be a great place to visit with very interesting places to go on the dates. It took me more than one trip to truly connect to a beautiful girl. I will be in Kharkov soon not through the agency but just to see her. I know the agency is there for me to help in any situation and being 5000 miles from home that means allot. I believe I have found my soul mate and its because of Mordinson that this was possible. Thank you Michael in particular for all you have done. I would highly recommend this agency to anyone looking for a special Ukrainian lady.

Santa Rosa Beach, FL
12 January 2012

This audio testimonial was provided by our client and friend from the USA.
He visited Kharkov at the end of December 2011 and met a wonderful lady who he got engaged with.
We wish this beautiful couple lots of happiness and joy together! 2 January 2012

A letter from Patrick and Tatyana

Dear Mordinson,

This is Patrick, I was a client of yours three years ago. I enjoyed your services very much and would like again the chance to say thank you very much. Tatyana and I are happy to say that we had a beautiful baby boy. We have now been happily married for 2 years and our relationship grows stronger everyday.

Thanks Again,

Patrick and Tatyana

thank you card from Mordinson a happy client

It took almost 3 months for this postcard to reach Ukraine, it has traveled a long way from the sunny and warm Tulum in Mexico to Kharkov in Ukraine. This card brought a smile on our faces the moment we saw it, it's always great to see people who we helped to meet enjoying their life and their Love! Mordinson family

04 November 2011

Trip report written by Mordinson former client at Click on the image below to read it

trip report mordinson ruadventures

The wedding of Elena and Bret in Kharkov, Ukraine
It was an honor for me to attend the wedding of Bret and Elena which took place in Kharkov this winter and recently I have received the pictures from that wedding which Bret allowed me to share with you.Bret and Elena have met with the help of Mordinson marriage agency and it's a real pleasure for us to see such wonderful people getting married!

Click to enlarge
how i met my wife in ukraine Russian bride love story, Romance story experience sharing, successful relationship, how to find Russian mail order Bride

We want to congratulate the couple and wish them a lot of joy and happiness together!

Michael Mordinson (I am the guy who stands next to the groom in the first picture) 16 June 2011

Here's a letter we received from our former client who has married a man from Mexico and moved there 2 years ago. The letter is in Russian language and we are going to translate it shortly. It's very pleasant to see this wonderful couple enjoying their life together! Mordinson family and I personally wish your family lots of joy and happiness! It's so great to realize that we took a part in your destiny!!! Click here to see the wedding pictures of this beautiful couple Michael Mordinson

Mordinson testimonial

Yana and Tim (USA)
Russian bride love story, Romance story experience sharing, successful relationship, how to find Russian mail order Bride Russian bride love story, Romance story experience sharing, successful relationship, how to find Russian mail order Bride

The testimonial that Tim wrote in October 2010

Dear Michael!! I'm writing this letter for 2 reasons. First I'd like to thank you and the Mordinson Agency for helping me find a very special lady. I would also like to highly recommend them for anyone who is thinking of finding nice attractive lady to share their life! The Mordinson's run an honest and reputable business. It's very easy and inexpensive to start. You should pick at least 5 or 6 ladies to write to... continue reading Tim's testimonial

Tim wrote the testimonial below after getting married with Yana on the 11 March 2011

I started looking overseas for a relationship after being alone for about 2 years. My wife has passed away and it seemed that there were not any woman in my area that interested me. I tried many of the online dating sites at home and abroad. But nothing seemed to helped and I also found out that this industry is filled with scammers. I was just about to give up when I stumbled onto the Mordinson website. It seemed a little expensive but I liked what I read and the women were very attractive... continue reading Tim's testimonial

A testimonial by Jim, the USA

I just wanted to take the time to let anyone looking for a wife abroad that the Mordinson agency is the place to go. I have dealt with other agencies and their unethical ways, but you will not find this with the Mordinson Agency. From the first meeting at the airport when Michael picks you up and takes you to a very nice apartment in the heart of the city you will feel welcomed. I think you should meet as many women as you can because as most people know you will not always have a connection with all the women. The women in the agency are real and very sincere and if for any reason you feel they are not sincere you can let Michael know and he will deal with the issue immediately.

You will have your meetings in nice cafes around the city usually close to where the ladies live or work due to the convenience for them to make time to meet you. The meetings will be for about 1 hour and gives you time to chat and ask some questions. After you have met all the scheduled women then you can choose which women you like to meet again and Michael will contact them and arrange it. Just remember that just because you took the time to travel all the way to the Ukraine to meet these women that love is not guaranteed but these women are honest and sincere with their intentions and Michael will do anything that he can to help you. There are cheaper agencies out there but most of the ones I have had dealings with are crooked but all the dealings I have had with the Mordinson Agency has been great and they are a family owned and managed agency and it makes a big difference in how you are treated.

I have given Michael permission to give you my contact info if you are still skeptical but if you are truly interested in finding a great partner in the Ukraine I highly recommend The Mordinson Agency.

Jim (the USA) 26th August 2011

Inna und Yui (USA)

My personal experience with Mordinson Marriage Agency, by Yui (the USA) If you are serious about finding a beloved wife, allow the Ukrainian women marriage agency "Mordinson" to help you. The Mordinson Company's services are highly accommodating and your specific needs, even demanding ones, will be met. Rest assured that a woman in the Mordinson Company is ready to give herself to you in love and marriage, otherwise she would not even exist in the Mordinson Company. From the moment of writing an introductory letter, the Mordinson family will be your constant companion and friend in every step of your quest and they will help you find your treasure, even when you have great difficulties. The cost of the Mordinson Company's services is much better than fair and you need not be concerned.

A wonderful woman is most precious and she is well worth an expedition across the globe. Through the Mordinson family's help, I have found my dearly beloved and surely you can too. My name is Yui and this is my true story :

I wanted a beautiful, affectionate and devoted family woman to be my wife. I noticed a very attractive woman in the Mordinson Company named Inna and so I sent her a letter with my personal photos. Despite our differences in age, appearance, language and culture, Inna positively responded to me in a letter which I received on 13 May 2010. Subsequently a romantic courtship began through Mordinson's help even though Inna and I were oceans apart.

Inna and I exchanged words, pictures and music through e-mail and telephone conversations, and Michael was very prompt and timely in facilitating our communication. When I asked Michael to deliver gifts to Inna, he went to great lengths to acquire unusual items that I requested. Michael also welcomed my packages from America and gladly delivered them to Inna. Inna and I grew highly affectionate toward each other before we had even met face to face. Thus I made travel arrangements to Kharkov to meet Inna and Michael prepared an apartment for me well in advance of my arrival.

Coming from America, I was warmly received by Michael and his brother Maxim at the Kharkov Train Station late at night on 25 August 2010, and they escorted me to an apartment that was very clean, spacious and well-equipped like a good hotel. While in Kharkov, Michael was constantly available at the push of a button on the telephone to help me with anything that I needed. Opening my luggage on the following morning, I discovered that I had left all of my pants in America. We laughed about that matter but Michael quickly took me to the mall and shops, and I was able to slip into a new, fancy, custom-fitted pair of pants just in time to meet Inna in the evening.

Inside the taxi Michael said, "Inna is waiting for you and she made you a present." Michael and I arrived at a very cozy and quiet restaurant which he had made reservations for. My meeting with Inna was full of excitement and we carried on very well in conversation, eating and drinking just a little. The present that Inna gave to me was an embroidery of 3 angels inside a picture frame, and she had spent many, many laborious hours to complete the present. Inside the picture frame was also a card with the drawings of many hearts and an inscription which read, "...with great love... from Inna... 26 August 2010."

Inna and I happily spent all of our time together after our 1st meeting. She removed herself from the Mordinson Company's listing. Soon Inna and I were discussing plans for building a family. On 3 September 2010, Maxim Mordinson gave us a really fun photo session in his studio and the results were excellent. At night, Inna bid me farewell at the Kharkov Train Station and we continued communicating.

As of writing this testimonial on 16 September 2010, I am petitioning for a Fiancee K1 USA visa for my dear Inna. Always, Inna expresses how much she misses me. I could not ask for a better woman than Inna and I wish for no other. My dearest dream is coming true. Let the Mordinson Company also help you!

Yui, USA

Genia & Nick (Australia)

My name is Nick, I am 54 years young and I'm from Australia. This is my story. For months I was searching the net, and I could not make my mind up, I wasn't sure if I was doing the right thing, until I came across the Mordinson agency, it took me a while before I made my first move, I wrote an email to the agency asking lots of questions, the response was very prompt and professional...continue reading Nick's testimonial

From Sydney Australia 19 February 2011

Julius (Germany)

Dear Family Mordinson!

First of all I would like to thank you! It is difficult to find the right words because you did a great job with real personal engagement. You never tried to look for your profit, you had the target to find the right partner and now I am more then convinced. You select the ladies very well, you reply in short times and you created a nice personal relation with me. The final stay in Kharkov was maybe the best time in my life! I would like to express my personal thank to Michael who is impressive for his age. You are a good example for a family working together. There are numerous web sites offering personal contacts but none of them has your family spirit. If a person is seriously looking for a partner he should come to Mordinson since he will find the right one.I found my dream partner, I will marry her and we will be always connected with you. Thank you

Julius (Germany) 16 June 2010

Valentina and Steve (the USA) ...Michael met me at the airport and set up my complete schedule for the next three days, meeting each and every woman I had requested a meeting with. Astounding that we met with each and every woman, but the meetings were in different coffee shops around the downtown area, making the experience very special with each of these wonderful women. One of the first meetings was with Valia, my fiancee. We immediately made plans to meet again a couple nights later, and from that point on we have been inseparable... continue reading Steve's testimonial

Steve & Valentina 6 June 2010

Marina and Wade (Texas, USA)

Hello Michael!

I would like to send a letter of appreciation for the friendly, professional service throughout my experience with your business and family!

When I first contacted you by phone late on a Sunday evening I was shocked that I received an immediate phone call back from you. This phone call was representative of the service that you provided throughout the entire process.

As I communicated with many of the ladies from your service the translated letters were returned in a timely matter. I must admit that I was very unsure of what to expect because I have read many articles about using varies services such as yours. The reason I initially chose Mordinson's is because I read a book that recommended dealing with an agency that operated in one city, and had been in business for several years. Your company fit the bill, therefore I contacted you!

Upon arriving in Kharkov the adventure began the following day. I met with 5 ladies, and all were very enjoyable, beautiful, and engaging, but I was immediately taken by Marina, I was unaware that she felt the same way. I had a hard time determining her interest at first because both Marina and I relied on the translator. I felt that if we met alone I would get a better feeling of where we both were as far as communication and comfort. Wow, I have never been one to fall head over heels, but I did!!!

Mordinson's was available throughout the entire process, although after the initial meeting I felt comfortable on my own.

I have recommended their service to several people here in the United States, and am thankful for the service they have provided.

Thank You!

Dallas, Texas

Kevin (the USA)

For any of you guys out there who are considering a trip to Ukraine, let me state that Mordinson's is the way to go!

I have been to Ukraine at least 8 or 9 times, both free-lancing it and also with other agencies. None came close to the service and value provided by Mordinsons. First and foremost, they are extremely honest. What they say is what they do, and they are reliable. All the ladies that I asked to meet, I met... continue reading Kevin's testimonial

Larisa and Timothy (the USA)

My experience with the Mordinson Agency is everything and more than their website could ever advertise without sounding self aggrandizing. So, I'm writing, with gratitude, about my personal experience with Michael, Maxim and Darya, the Mordinson Agency.

I can honestly say that I would never have met my Lara without their Agency's help.

Prior to using the Mordinson Agency I, like many others, did have the unfortunate experience of utilizing several "Massive Catalog of Ladies" agencies that proliferate the Web. The experience was an extensive investment and left me wanting and skeptical of using any agency, Ukrainian or otherwise.

Searching the Web, despite my previous experience, I came across the Mordinson Agency Website. What interested me was that it is a family run business and had a business philosophy of representing but several hundred Ladies specifically from the city of Kharkov, Ukraine. The Website described their business practice of personally interviewing and selecting each Lady for their Website and that not every applicant is accepted. The agency, most importantly, verified that each and every Lady they represented was seriously looking to establish a relationship within or within/without the Ukraine.

Well, I decided to give the process one more try and that decision I will never regret.

Several Ladies responded to my biography and picture and I established an internet relationship with each. I jokingly thought the picture would scare them away! The Mordinson Agency acted as interpreter due to the language difference.

After several months of communication I decided to invest my time and money to meet each lady personally. Utilizing their 10 day package, I traveled to Kharkov Ukraine. Michael met me at the airport and, as advertised, met every expectation I had and more over my time in Kharkov.

Michael introduced and acted as interpreter for each Lady and myself. After the "meet and greet" process, one Lady, Lara, and I decided to see each other exclusively for the balance of my time in Kharkov. With and without Michaels presence, Lara and I quickly established that we would like to continue our relationship. Neither of us will ever regret that decision.

Due to personal circumstances, I have spent an extensive amount of time in Kharkov and the Ukraine with Lara. I have also come to know the Mordinson's on a more personal level. I can't thank them enough for their help in my meeting Lara. I can personally testify to their honesty, ethics and business philosophy as they represent them to be on their Website.

As Michael, Maxim and Darya have said to me, their success is not just a business success, but a thrilling personal experience in helping two people, as the English say, "make a go of it".

The agency isn't the least expensive you can find on the Web, but it is the agency that truly cares about your and the Ladies they represent success .

There is no better investment in time and money you can make in your life than to find someone special to share your life with . You just have to establish how much the "rest of your life" is worth.

I am an American living in the USA

Timothy G.

Viktoria and Keith (the USA)

Keith & Viktoria (the USA) Kharkov and The Mordinson agency were great. Coming from the USA I really wasn't sure what to expect and naturally had some reservations. But upon arriving in Kharkov I was met by Michael and instantly felt like everything was great. The professional manner in which everything is handled for you is very reassuring.

Meetings were wonderful. The girls are amazing. They were all great - just as represented on the website if not better in person. I met with several but had a special connection with one that is continuing and may just turn out to be exactly what I was looking for.

One thing that is hard to believe until seeing it first hand is the Ukrainian passion for fashion. Even coming from California, this blew me away! I recommend Mordinson to anyone in search of their true love in Ukraine!

Keith & Viktoria (the USA)

Marina and Dirk (Germany)

Dear friends,

My name is Dirk and I am from Germany, after trying several sites from Internet and also some visits to former Soviet Union, always with no success and nearly gave up hope, I tried finally service of Mordinson Agency. I was surprised upon the prompt answer and the quickness I got in contact with some beautiful and lovely ladies. Soon I started to arrange a trip to Kharkov to meet the ladies in person. There I felt like at home, Darya and Michael of Mordinson family took care of me the whole week. Both are very nice young guys (perfect in English, and Darya is also very good in German). Later I met also third member of family Maxim, who is very good photographer, and made some incredible photos of me and Marina.

I lived in nice apartment and as they had very well planned I could meet all the lovely ladies I was in contact with. I found my perfect lady, Marina, with whom I now plan her visit to Germany in near future.

In my opinion the big difference between Mordinson and other agencies is, Mordinson is a family business and they invest their good family name for the business and are interested in your success and you feel not be treated like a number. All the ladies on their website and I met were very beautiful, marriage minded and lovely both on inside and outside. They don?t take anybody on their website, they select only the serious ladies.

I want to say many thanks to Mordinson Agency and I can only suggest any potential customer to try service of Mordinson agency. Dirk

Hallo, mein Name ist Dirk und ich lebe in Deutschland.

Nachdem ich Erfahrungen mit einigen Agenturen im Internet gesammelt hatte, auch schon in die frьhere Sowjetunion gereist war, habe ich jetzt nachdem ich die Hoffnung schon fast aufgegeben hatte auch noch den Service der Mordinson Agentur in Anspruch genommen. Ich war ьberrascht, wie schnell ich auf meine Anfrage Antwort bekam, und wie zьgig ich dann in Briefkontakt mit einer Reihe von schцnen und liebenswerten Damen kam.

Kurz darauf habe ich dann den Beschluss gefasst nach Kharkov zu reisen um diese Damen auch persцnlich zu treffen. Dort fьhlte ich mich gleich sehr gut aufgehoben, am Flughafen erwartete mich Darya, und Sie und Ihr Bruder Michael betreuten mich wдhrend meines Aufenthaltes.

Die beiden kцnnen sehr gut Englisch sprechen, und Darya kann auch sehr gut Deutsch. Spдter habe ich noch ein drittes Mitglied der Familie kennengelernt Maxim, der ein sehr guter Fotograf ist, und auch einige tolle Fotos von mir und Marina gemacht hat. Ich wohnte in einem schцnen Appartment, und mein Besuch war hervorragend geplant, und ich konnte alle Damen treffen, mit denen ich in Briefkontakt war. Hier habe ich auch Marina getroffen, meine Traumfrau, mit der ich jetzt Ihre Reise nach Deutschland plane.

Der groяe Unterschied von Mordinson zu anderen Agenturen ist meiner Meinung nach, das Sie ein Familienunternehmen sind. Wдhrend man sich bei anderen Agenturen nur als Nummer fьhlt, hat man bei den Mordinsons das Gefьhl, das sie sich um einen kьmmern und Interesse am Erfolg heben. Sie stehen mit Ihrem guten Namen hinter der Agentur.

Alle Damen auf der Webseite sind sehr schцn, interessiert an einer festen Beziehung und liebenswert, sowohl innerlich wie дuяerlich. Nicht jede Dame wird von der Agentur angenommen, sie legen Wert darauf nur gutaussehende, seriцse Frauen mit ernsthaften Absichten aufzunehmen.

Ich mцchte der Mordinson Familie noch einmal herzlich danken fьr Ihre Hilfe und kann nur jedem potentiellen Kunden raten, den Service der Mordinsons in Anspruch zu nehmen. Dort sind sie in guten Hдnden.

Katia and Richard (the USA)

Like so many men, I have spent many years passively hoping to find the right woman with whom to share a life. After some time, I came to a conclusion that it would be interesting to try and meet a lady from somewhere outside my own borders, outside my own world. As I became more open minded to this venture, I was left with two questions: Where? And how?

As I researched this thought, I found out that there were agencies to aid in this possibility. However, I had heard so many negative reviews and read many articles involving less-than-honest agencies and front looking to gain from an unknowing individual. I decided to look into it myself. Sure enough, many agencies appeared shady, complicated or very impersonal. I stumbled upon Mordinson web site, which appeared professional, inviting and simple. There was a personal touch to it, which drew my interest. My instincts told me that there was something reputable about an agency willing to put their personal name out there for everyone to see. I decided to give it a try. My instincts proved to be correct.

In the beginning, I sent a few letters to ladies if interest. As advertised Mordinsons translated each letter and within days I received responses. As time continued, I began to know a few ladies; I used other services offered through Mordinson. I sent flowers to the ladies and received outstanding photos of each receiving this gift. I elected to arrange telephone conversations as a means to personally communicate questions, thoughts and dialogue with each lady. A translator was present in each instance to better provide understanding and communication.

Finally after time, I took the plunge and arranged a trip to Kharkov. My own interest and curiosity made it too appealing to pass up. The letter and conversations with the few ladies I had the chance to know made this trip a natural next step to be taken.

I was met at the airport in Kharkov by Michael Mordinson. After the length of my correspondence with the ladies, I had felt I had known Michael for some time as well! I have been pleasantly surprised and impressed with the accommodations provided. I was provided with a schedule of times and places where I would meet each lady. These initial meeting, which were pre-arranged between the Mordinsons and myself, take place in local cafes and either Michael or Darya Mordinson are present to aid in translating. The photos of each lady on the Mordinson web site are brilliant and so many of the ladies are stunning. However I can honestly say that the ladies are even more beautiful in person.

I have found each lady to be honest and sincere. They possess a certain charm as well as basic values, which are often difficult to find in my own culture.

The trip to Kharkov has been an extremely worthwhile adventure. Kharkov has a rich history and there are many historical sites to see. The people you meet on the street seem to go out of their way to overcome a language barrier. Michael Mordinson has gone out of his way to insure my stay has been comfortable. He has worked tirelessly to ensure I have been well taken care of. Darya Mordinson has been available and willing to help me during my stay. For the Mordinson family, it is easy to be personal as it is their business, it is what they do. This is what has made my experience with Mordinson so successful. It is the combination of professionalism added with the personal nature, which makes the outcome successful. I would be leaving out an important element of their service, if I did not mention dignity. Everything about Mordinsons is handled in a dignified manner. I would highly urge any man who is open minded enough to try finding a beautiful, special lady through unconventional means to seriously consider Mordinsons.

As for myself, one of the ladies with whom I had been corresponding with did stand out. Katia is not only beautiful; she is intelligent, fun and sincere. She has a genuine nature that is rare in my own culture. With every day spent, I come to appreciate her more and more. While I do not know precisely where our bond will lead, I do know that when I return home it is not an end. The time with Katia has been the beginning to wonderful and bright future.

Richard, the USA

Stuart (Scotland)

I have just finished my trip to Kharkov, I have found this trip to be completely eye opening and felt that I would like to put a few notes together which might be useful to anyone who is unsure about visiting.

Couple of things I found out while my trip by Mordinson.

The ladies I met were all very attractive and are genuinely interested in establishing a long term relationship (initially it sounded too good to be true).

The service is excellent, the city is safe and the restaurants and food are of high standard.

I look back on the time when I was making the decision on whether to make this trip or not. Now it looks like it was a life changing experience that I was hoping for.

The only regret that I have in respect of my visit, is that I did no do it years ago.

Best wishes to everyone at Mordinson

Testimonial by Julia and Raul, USA

Several years ago, I began a journey to find my best friend and partner. This journey has been filled with disappointment, heartache, happiness and wonderful experiences. It is extremely difficult to find someone who is compatible with my interests, values and vision for the future. At times, it was easy to get discouraged or feel that you will never find that someone special.

I want to generously thank you and your family for providing comprehensive services in my efforts to find that someone special. You have been extremely responsive to all my questions, concerns and listened well to all my frustrations. I never had the expectation that the search would be easy, because finding a lifelong friend is extremely difficult.

In this process, I have learned much about the Ukraine and its people. I have enjoyed immensely studying the history of Kharkov and visiting many wonderful and special places. The restaurants, the variety of stores and historical sites made each trip a memorable experience. I have never been hassled in the streets of Kharkov and more often was given kind advice by friendly strangers.

You and your family have introduced me to someone who is very special and in the course of one year we have become very good friends and partners. She is industrious, funny, smart, kind and is very committed to creating a strong family. I still remember the first time that we met and she was very shy because her English was limited. This last trip was most pleasing because she has learned much English and we continued to understand each other even better. Yes, I am extremely fortunate and lucky to find someone who inspires me and is very willing to create a future together.

I am indebted to your family agency because my journey is over and I look forward to moving on to the next phase of my life. I consider Michael and you as friends and I have appreciated very much your advice in concluding this very successful search. I believe that your agency provides superior quality of services, because you care about your clients and the women who are striving to create their own destinies. I highly recommend your agency to anyone who is interested in finding a lifelong partner and friend, because I am sure that they will not be disappointed

With kindest regards,


John and Antonina, the USA

Dear Mordinson:
It has been a year since my Antonina has entered the United states and soon it will be our 1st wedding aniversary. I have to tell you it has certianly been the best year of my life. The adjustment for Antonina has been a little rough at times, but we manage it well together. She is driving well now and goes to work without a second thought. We are very happy and thankful for you helping to get us together. I am sincere when I say that Ukraine has the best women in the world and as far as I am concerned, I got the best one. Soon we will be starting a family. Thanks Misha and Darya and Max. You guys are great.
John and Antonina

Tom and Viktoria, the USA

My name is Tom Hodges and I live in Central Virginia. I have been a bachelor many years after being married for seven years during my twenties. I have devoted my postmartial life to professional pursuits, but now I want another family.

I have an undergraduate and two advanced degrees, a successful profession, but my life was unbalanced, lacking a loved one. Thanks to the innovative Mordinson Agency, I met the beautiful Victoria Kovalenko on my trip to Kharkov in July 2002.

I was very worried that this kind of pursuit would be ill advised for a number of reasons including: mistrust of Internet companies, cultural and language differences with anyone that I might meet, cultural bias here in the USA against this method to meet a partner, and the enormity of putting together a solid relationship at such distances. Many worthy men would question the judgment of undertaking such an adventure.

Therefore, I approached the escapade much like I would approach a work assignment, methodically and with extensive research. I concluded that a personal agency was the only method that I could trust to protect both the lady and me.

I narrowed the field of agencies to Mordinson and one other, but selected Mordinson primarily because of the outstanding photography on the Web Site. I reasoned that if the Agency put as much professionalism in the introduction and hosting aspects of their business as they did in the photography aspect, then I would not be disappointed..

My judgment was correct. The family is absolutely delightful and the arrangements in Kharkov were well done. Darya Mordinson was my constant tour guide, interpreter, and friend. While I will never forget the trip to Kharkov and the experiences I had there, the real prize of my decision to be adventurous is Viktoria. She is a very classy lady, working hard to sustain herself and her daughter. She is beautiful as you can see from her picture, but she is also very nice, kind, respectful, and gracious.

Viktoria is exceptionally well bred, the kind of lady that you are proud to bring home to family and friends. I am so glad that I met her and She and I spent a wonderful six days together in Rome in December 2002 and three weeks meeting her family in December 2003. I snapped the pictures of her above on her first trip to the USA this September. She loved my home and city and the wonderful trip to New York where we stayed on Times Square and saw "Mama Mia." We are now working on a permanent residency Visa to have her and her daughter join me in the USA next spring.

My advice is not to hesitate, but to act. This advice is not tantamount to a guarantee, but rather an endorsement of the Mordinson Agency. Depending on your skill in diplomacy, attractiveness to a potential mate, and spirit of adventure, the odds are you can be successful too. I wish you much luck and success.

Tom Hodges

Lilia and Toru (Japan)
successful relationship with Russian brides

PC and Viktoria, the USA

My review follows:

Anyone who has dealt with the Mordinson agency will only have the best things to say about them. You have to pick a girl who is right for you, which means sending a few letters and roses and getting additional photos. Darya Mordinson did an excellent job of arranging and translating meetings in cafes with as many ladies as I wanted. Yes, they really do look like their pictures. The biggest problem that I had was deciding which lady I liked best.

What sets this agency above from all others is that the Mordinson family will treat you like a guest of the family. It was like going to meet family friends who happened to live in Ukraine and having them introduce you to a few of their friends. Darya Mordinson will go with you to meetings with ladies and translate for you as though you have been friends for many years. You will have a great time.

Kharkov is the best place to meet girls who are not spoiled by living in a big, metropolitan city.

The agency price is not low, and it takes a "leap of faith" to wire that kind of money to the other side of the world, but my result was excellent. I am now engaged to an exceptionally intelligent, beautiful Ukrainian lady. I know in my heart that she loves me dearly. In Ukraine, "love" is not an expression used flippantly as in the USA вАУ it is an emotion with extremely serious gravity.

I am a licensed physician in the United States, so you can take my word that what I say is true. The whole process is not for men with thin wallets; however, the quality and ease of the whole process makes it worth the cost. You will avoid the hassle and headaches of dealing with other agencies and web sites. You won't have to send e-mails and letters and wait for a response that will not come. Anna Mordinson translates each letter and reply within 48 hours and Michael Mordinson will arrange phone conversations with a translator. They really are a family run service - I dealt with 4 members of the family. In America, "family-run" is just a marketing gimmick; at Mordinson, you can take the word literally. This is an honest and ethical business.¬ I recommend sending roses to girls who send an e-mail reply. Maxim Mordinson will take a photo of the girl receiving the roses, and you will get an idea of what she looks like in a natural setting.

The ladies in this agency are serious about coming to the United States, and they actually are very attractive and educated. Don't waste your time on any other agency. This service is not inexpensive, but it is worth it.


Julia and Roger (Belgium)

dating tips about Russian and Ukrainian wife, how to find a traditional old fashionable lady

Testimonial by Daniel and Violetta, USA

Mordinson marriage agency testimonial, find your love abroad

Hello Mordinson family. Life with my new wife has been magical and I wanted to thank you again for getting us together. I don't have the pictures from the wedding developed yet but when I do I will send them to you.

Like many men in America I was looking for a woman that I could spend my life with. The bar scene never worked and it was just too hard to meet women off random luck. I decided to go with Mordinson and it was the best choice I ever made. I was given detailed instructions on how I could come to the Ukraine to meet wonderful women who were looking for the same thing I was. I was fortunate enough to meet my wonderful new bride Violeta and I have never been happier. I cannot thank Mordinson enough for introducing me to Violeta and I would encourage anyone who was thinking about finding their soulmate to let Mordinson show them the way.
A Very Happy Customer
Sincerely, Daniel USA.

Valeria and Nick, the USA

articles of Russian women searching for a man abroad

My name is Nick and I live in the USA. I began writing to some of the ladies on Mordinson's website in December 2001. All of my letters were professionally and promptly translated and delivered to the intended ladies. Letters from the ladies were promptly sent to me. The Mordinson family is very picky about the ladies they post on their website. They don't take just anyone. That is why there are so many beautiful women on the site. Within a month I was planning a trip to meet some of the ladies. I arrived in Kharkov on January 31 and stayed for 10 days. Two members of the Mordinson family, Michael and Darya were waiting for me when I arrived. They had arranged very nice accomodations for me and helped me get settled in. Michael served as my guide and translator while I was there. He did a wonderful job helping me and I now consider him to be a friend. The three ladies that I met were all wonderful but I fell in love instantly with one of them. We are now engaged and I will return to Kharkov to bring this incredible woman home with me as soon as possible. My thanks go out to the Mordinson family for their part in helping me to have the most wonderful time of my life.
Nick B - USA

Testimonial by Robert (the UK)

If you are reading these words, you are probably in the same position I was in a short while ago.You are interested in finding a Russian lady for marriage but are unsure as to how to go about it. Maybe like me you are a cynical person, sceptical about what is said in the multitude of marriage agency websites. Well I have just returned home to the UK after having been a guest of the Mordinson family in Kharkov and I just cannot thank them enough for all their kindness, warmth of hospitality and their invaluable experience, which all contributed to my having a spectacularly successful trip. If you are serious about finding a special lady for marriage, I would recommend the Mordinson marriage agency service without hesitation. Their service is absolutely first class and I would imagine it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to rival. And I must assure you, my comments just reflect the high level of satisfaction that I have obtained through the services provided by the Mordinson agency, the total delight in through using their services having befriended the most perfect lady I could ever have hoped to have found in this life.

It all started when I was surfing the web. I came across the Mordinson website. The visually stunning photographs of all the ladies aroused my curiosity, as it would do any man. The whole site was so impressievly prepared, it struck me that this was a very professional business. Whilst they offer a full range of services, I knew that to pursue a meaningful relationship with one of the ladies there would be no alternative to meeting her in person. This is the only way to assess suitability and to establish if there is a real mutual attraction. There was one lady in particular whose photograph and profile particularly appealed to me. Having decided to take the risk of going to Kharkov, I wanted to go there as soon as possible.

What I soon found out, was that the few days I spent in Kharkov was so much more than just an exercise of meeting a lady to assess suitability for marriage. It was a genuinely relaxing, care free holiday, with a culturally enriching experience. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I was met at the airport by Michael Mordinson. The warmth of his reception soon dispelled any feelings of nervousness I had, arriving in a foreign country with no knowledge of Russian. Throughout my stay, Michael was the perfect host, a true gentleman. He was exceptionally well mannered, always charming, attentive to my every wish and totally dedicated to assisting me. He worked tirelessly in showing me around the city and in escorting me to my meetings with the lady I had chosen to meet and in translating for me. In this role, he was absolutely indispensable. The fact he was constantly so respectful of me and of the lady I had befriended put me at complete ease and enabled me to totally relax and to enjoy my complete stay. Michael is a very intelligent and polite young man, bursting with energy and enthusiam for life. It was a true pleasure to have met him.

The apartment where I stayed was first rate, it offered every comfort and facility I needed to enjoy my stay. It is situated in a very central location and was an ideal base.

I was basically free to spend my time as I pleased. The Mordinson family were ready to assist in any way they could and they were constantly available to help and support me, which I found very reassuring.The flexibility meant that my stay was individually tailored to my precise requirements. I could have seen as many different ladies as I had wanted , in whatever setting of my choosing and for as long as I had preferred. As it turned out, I only met with one lady, a lady who is now a very special person in my life. The days I spent with her are amongst the happiest in my life. Before arriving in Kharkov, I had corresponded with this particular lady for over a month and I think we had established a mutual like and respect for each other. I had made up my mind that I only really wanted to spend my time with her. I half expected that in real life she would look very different from her glamorous photographs on the website but not at all, she was just as stunningly beautiful in person as I had imagined her to be from the website.

I had read that Russian ladies were intelligent, respectful, polite, feminine and I found all these qualities and more rolled up in Natalia. She is the most decent and well rounded person I have ever met, from a very loving and caring family. She is without doubt the most wonderful person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting in my entire life. We both want to build upon our friendship, with a view to marriage, and I would marry Natalia without hesitation. She has brought such happiness to my life after just a few days together, I know already that I love her.

As a gift from the Mordinson family, they presented each of us with an album of photographs. They invited us into their photographic studio and Maxim took several photographs of us together. I was totally amazed by the high quality of these photographs, they are visually stunning and I will always treasure them. They represent an outstanding memory of a truly momentus period of my life. Without the help of the Mordinson family none of this would have been possible, so I shall be eternally grateful to them. Although I have only been home for one week, I am already making arrangements to return to Kharkov as soon as I can. I miss Natalia so much, my life here feels so empty without her, but she has given real purpose to my life, for the first time I can really begin to believe that I will finally find true happiness in this life, with her as my wife.

So if you want a truly amazing, life changing experience, I would without hesitation recommend that you take up the services offered by the Mordinson marriage agency. Through them you really can meet that ideal woman, they have all the necessary knowledge and experience to assist. If you do genuinely want to meet a decent Russian lady for marriage, the Mordinson agency can help you reach this goal. If you choose not to take up their help and you remain lonely, you will only have yourself to blame. I took a lot of time carefully thinking about all the pros and cons before purchasing the service, but on reflection it has turned out to be the best decision of my life so far. I could not be happier than with the lady I have found.There really are no catches with this! The ladies are as stunningly attractive in real life as depicted on the website and the service offered by the Mordinson family in Kharkov is as professional as their website is prepared. I will fondly remember my times as a guest of the Mordinson family for as long as I live and I will never forget their help in finding Natalia, who is for me the most perfect woman of my dreams. I can never thank them enough.

Best wishes Robert

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